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The Great Depression in the US in the 1930's caused high unemployment,food shortages, poor medical care and soup kitchens in various cities. Some men sought service in the US Army to keep themselves fed, and many men joined the CC camps that were designed to give men government jobs working on the nation's infrastructure. Despite the bad Economics, Americans found relief by going to the movies or watching Baseball games.

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Q: How did the Great Depression affect urban life in the United States?
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Where is the Great Depression?

united states

Who was affected by the great depression-?

Almost everyone in the United States was affected by the Great Depression.

Did the Great Depression happen in Arizona?

Yes. Arizona is part of the United States and the Great Depression happened in the United States. Therefore, it happened in Arizona.

Which triggered the Great Depression in the United States?

The Stock Market crash of 1929 is the number one action that triggered The Great Depression in the United States.

Where did the Great Depression begin?

the great depression began in October 1929 in the united states of America.

'where did the great depression come from?

United states of America

What states were affected most by the Great Depression?

united statesunited states

What areas did the Great Depression affect?

All of the United States, one specific area was Tennessee, the unemployment rate there was extremely high.

Where is the setting of the Great Depression?

Mainly the United States of Americabut The Great Depression was a world-wide economic crisis.

What was the year of Great Depression?

The decade of the 1930s saw the Great Depression in the United States and many other countries.

How did the great depression impact the United states and Germany differently?

It contributed to the fall of democracy in Germany, But not in the United States

Who did the Great Depression affected?

The Great Depression is mistaken to have only affected the United States, however, after World War I, the United States became economically and politically intertwined with European Nations. So when the depression hit the United States, countries such as Germany, France, and Britain were all hurting nearly as much. They no longer had the commerce that they were having before with the United States.

What nations were most effected by the Great Depression?

The United States of America and Great Britain..

Who was the slowest to recover from the great depression?

The United States and Germany's economies were the slowest to recover from the depression. (Name it.)

When was the Great Depression taken place?

The great depression took place all over the United States between 1930 to 1940.

What brought the United States of America out of the Great Depression?

WWII got the United States out of the Great Depression ... WWII brought with it the creation of new jobs and the need for workers ... In the United States there where War bonds being sold at a high rate ... which lifted the stock market...

How did the Great Depression affect Australia?

The depression affected Australia because of its extreme dependence on exports from America. The Great Depression officially started in October 1929 when the stock marketcrashed in the United States. It is thought to be one of the hardest hit countries in the western world.

What is the difference and similarity of the Great Depression programs and the Great Society Programs?

The Great Depression in the United States began on October 29, 1929 and the Great Society programs started in response to the Great Depression programs.

What was Franklin Roosevelt's role during the Great Depression?

He was the President of the United States.

Who was the president during the grear depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the United States president during the Great Depression.

Which is a way that the economies of the United states and france were linked before the great depression?

France owed war debts to the United States.

Why did technology get the us out of the Great Depression?

Technology did not get the US out of the Great Depression. World War II is what got the United States out of the Great Depression because of all the jobs that were created with prepping for the war.

Why did the US enter the Great Depression?

The United States did not ENTER the Great Depression. It HAPPENED to them when the Stock Marketcrashed. The depression affected the entire world. see attached link

Where was the Great Depression in America?

The Great Depression effected all (atleast most) of Canada and the United States due to the crash of '29 and the Dust Bowl.

What is the popular sport during the Great Depression time?

In the United States, Baseball was the most popular sport in the years of the great depression (1929-194?).