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How did the Holocaust start?

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The Holocaust began with a simple man who hated the Jews intensely. He wanted to destroy all Jews and came close to completing that. Hitler was his name. He was a wicked man. We don't really know why he hated them so much.


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Who tried to start the Holocaust?

Hitler and other Nazis decided to start up the Holocaust.

Why are the people allowing the Holocaust to start again?

The assumption in the question is false. The Holocaust is not 'start[ing] again'.

How was the holocaust the end of modernity?

You could argue that the Holocaust was the start of the modernity.

Did the holocaust start in 1942?


What family was killed to start of the Holocaust?

jews were the first who were killed at the stsrt of holocaust

When did the Holocaust start and where?

The holocaust originated in Germany where the deportation of the Jewish people were forced to leave in the heart of the holocaust. though there are many start and end variating dates, 1938 - 1945.

What made the Holocaust start?


What centry did the Holocaust start?

The 20th.

When did the Holocaust Memorial Day start?

The widespread memorialization of the Holocaust seems to have begun in the 1990s.

Did world war 2 start before or after the holocaust?

WW2 started before the Holocaust.

When did the Holocaust start?

The holocaust started on January 30th, 1933 and ended on May 8th, 1945

What did the conflict start in the holocaust?

The Holocaust was not a conflict. It was nass murder. Please see the related question.

When did antisemitism start during the holocaust?

Antisemitism was around for thousands of years before the Holocaust started.

Did Hitler start the Holocaust?

yes Hitler did

When and why did Hitler start the Holocaust?

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Famous events that start with a h?

· Hiroshima · Holocaust

When will the next Holocaust start?

Some may argue that a holocaust has already begun because of the high rates of abortion.

How many people died in the year of 1940 from the Holocaust?

Not many, most people put the start of the Holocaust at 1941.

How were nazi prison camps established before the start of the holocaust different from those created after the holocaust?

The nazis did not plan to murder all prisoners in camps built before the holocaust

When did the holocaust start and ended?

It started in 1933 and ended in1945

Did hitler start the holocaust because he just did not like jews?


Did the Palestinians start the Holocaust?

No. Please see the related question.

What are some Holocaust words that start with an R?

one is the Reich

What city in Germany did Hitler start the Holocaust?

The Holocaust took place in all territory under German control. It didn't start in one place and then "spread" in the way the question seems to suggest.

Why did Adolf Hitler want to start the Holocaust?

He started the Holocaust because Hitler had general hate towards the German Jews, because they were not like him.