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The Lend Lease Act did not cause or help cause World War 2. It helped the Brits during the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic. The war was cause by Adolf Hitler and the Japanese.

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How did the US help the Allies win World War 2?

'Lend-Lease' ~ see related link below .

How did the US help Europe in World War 2 without declaring war?

lend lease to Britain of war supplies.............................

Congress passed the lend lease act to?

Help Britain fight Germany

What is the lend lease act and how did it help the US?

The lend-lease act allowed the US to provide the allies munitions and materiel in exchange for permanent bases within the foreign countries' borders.

What was the lead-lease act?

The lead-lease act was implemented in 1941 as a way to help during World War 2. The act allowed the United States to lend aid to the allies.

How did the Lend Lease Act get the United States involved in World War 2?

it didn't, it was just an attempt to help the allies of america with more weapons

How was roosevelt able to help britain before the US joined World War 2?

Roosevelt was able to get the Lend-Lease Act passed. It allowed the government to rent or lend war essentials like ships to the British.

How did the US help great Britain during World War 2?

We had the lend lease program We lent money to them The debt was just paid off in 2004

What effects did the Lend-Lease Act have?

very bad affects b/c like when the people that they were going after was finding out about the help and they would go after the people in the lend-lease and try to kill them for helping the united states in the war

Was the lend lease act good or bad?

It helped the British during World War 2. Britain needed the help and the US was not yet ready to enter the war.

Which country received the most help from the lend-lease act?

England received the most for the longest time under the Lend Lease Act. Russia would come in second. England paid the final payment for their debt under this act in the 1990s.

What did the Lend-Lease Act allow the us to do?

it allows us to lend equipment to other countries most likely our allies this was effective when we did not want to get involved in a war but wanted to help

What European country did the US help through Lend Lease?

United Kingdom, Soviet Union and all Allied countries.

How did the Lend-Lease Act help the Allied war effort?

The Lend Lease Act saved the UK from being overrun by the Nazi Germans and from going bankrupt or starving. The sad part of the Lend Lease act was some the cargo sent over to England was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean thanks to the U Boats sinking the merchant ships carrying the cargo. The Lend Lease act benefited Russia when they were sent planes. It also got the US using their shipyards again improving some of the unemployment problem.

Could England have defeated Germany without American help?

Absolutely not, the lend lease program is what kept England from being overwhelmed..

Do you think the US was right to pass the lend lease act?

yes because the us was not in the war at that time and it was right of them to help the other nations by sending them supplies

What happened when French sought the help of the US during the war in Britain?

The French were told the US would not get involved in the European war. They got help from the US later in the Lend Lease Act.

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