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How did the Magna Carta English Bill of Rights and the Petition of Rights influence the writers of the Constitution?


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The Magna Carta influenced the writers of the constitution because it took power from the king and gave some to the nobels.

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The Petition of Right outlined particular rights that the king was forbidden from infringing upon. Its influence is widely seen in the US Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.

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a political leader,writer,and Rome's greatest public speaker....&& he speeches and books swayed many Romans.Centuries later,his ideas would also influence the writers of the United States Constitution.

The US Constitution was largely based on English Common Law and the Magna Carta.

The French Symbolists led by Baudelaire were a huge influence on English writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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The Framers of the Constitution are the main supporters/writers of the constitution

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Whose theories of a separation of powers influenced the writers of the U.S. Constitution?

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No religion had an influence on the constitution. In fact, a large percentage of the writers were humanist or believed in a deity but didn’t attend a church. Franklin and Jefferson went to many services of many religions including a Jewish synagogue. The men writing the constitution were very much aware that they wanted a secular democracy because of their experiences with the king.

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas jefferson,

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The writers of the Constitution added a system of checks and balances so that all branches of the government could have some power.

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