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How did the Philippine English evolve in the Philippines?

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I believe the English language in the Philippines started when the American invaded the Philippines. They have greatly influenced the education and culture of the Philippine natives. Since then, English has been a second language to the country

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What is Philippine English?

Philippine English is the style of the English language that is spoken in the Philippines.

What is the money in Philippines called?

Philippine money is called the Filipino Peso, or in English the Philippine Peso.

Give the time frame in Philippines literature in English?

Time Frames of Philippine Literature in English?

What a different of the words Philippine and Philippines?

Philippine is the type of person and Philippines is the place.

What is the status of English as a language in Philippine in school?

English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines and so is taught in the schools

What is Philippine?

Philippines is a country in South East Asia. Philippine is something that the Philippines owns.

What is the difference between Philippine and Philippines?

Philippines means the country, while Philippine is used to imply something which is related to or the property of the Philippines.

What is the importance of Philippine literature in the Philippines?

The Philippine Literature holds the important cultures and traditions of the Philippines in black and white. These literatures are the documents that hold and preserve the Philippine History and all that is Philippines today.

What does Philippine means?

"Philippine" refers to some relation of or to the Philippines.

Where does Philippine English belong to in the world Englishes?

American. because American colonize Philippines long long time ago. and they taught and introduce the English language and it become the official language of the Philippines today.

Is the Philippines made out of islands?

the philippines are islands (philippine islands)

What is Philippine history?

Philippine history is a narration of what happened in the past in the Philippines.

Philippines Islands or Philippine islands which is gramaticaly correct?

Philippine Islands

How will you differentiate Philippines to Philippine?

The word "Philippines" is a noun, while "Philippine" is an adjective. When you are referring to the country itself, you should use "Philippines," like in the sentence "The Philippines is an archipelago." On the other hand, since the word "Philippine" is an adjective, you can always find it before a noun, as in the sentence "The Philippine eagle is the largest species of eagle in the world."

Why Philippine considered as a multilingual nation?

Philippines is considered a multilingual nation because Filipinos speaks English as their second language.

What is the national currency of the Philippines?

The Republic of the Philippines uses the Philippine piso. The currency used to be called the Philippine peso. One hundred centavos equals one Philippine peso.

Where is the Philippine plate located?

The Philippine sea plate is located under the Philippine Sea, to the east of the Philippines.

Are there Philippine eagles in the US?

No they are in the Philippines

What is the currency in Manila?

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The Philippines uses Philippine Peso as their currency. So Manila uses Philippine Peso.

Does Philippine airlines and air Philippines are the same?

No. Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines is not the same. They are different airlines with somewhat similar names.

How do Philippines sports affect the economy of the Philippines?

Philippine sports are part of the promotion of Philippine tourism and a way of showing the skill of Filipinos.

Why is the Philippine Eagle considered as the Philippines national bird?

This is because the Philippine eagle is the rarest and biggest Bird that is found only in the Philippines.

Does the Philippines use US dollars?

No, the Philippines used the Philippine Piso.

What is right you want to go to Philippine or Philippines?

Philippines is right. Like, "Do you want to go to the Philippines?":)

How does Philippine English deviate from Standard English?

Philippine English derives primarilly from standard American English.