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the Chinese demanded to be paid in gold and silver after the eurepeon ttextiles and metalwork were interior to Chinese

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The Manchus allowed trading only at special ports, and their leaders had to be paid a tribute.

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Q: How did the Qing restrict trade with other nations?
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How did the manchus power?

In 1644, the Manchus conquered China. They started the Qing Dynasty. The Manchus allowed only limited trade. They also limited foreign contacts and tried to restrict foreign influence in China. The Qing Dynasty was China's last dynasty. It lasted until 1911.

How did Qing respond to the diplomatic mission?

they refused to trade with them

How did the qing respond to britains diplomatic mission?

they refused to trade with them

What was last dynasty in china?

The Qing Dynasty. Although they were the last they were not the worst. The rulers of this dynasty were called the Manchus (Manchurians) They took advantage of the Ming Dynasties weaknesses and decided to take over in 1594. The tried to restrict foreign influence on China and allowed little trade. The Qing Dynasty lasted until 1911 (de facto) or 1912 (de jure).

The Ming and Qing dynasties followed which of the following policies regarding foreign trade?

They restricted foreign trade.

Why was trade a problem during the qing dynasty?

its was interrupted by alot of traders

Which dynasty first opened a Chinese port to foreign trade in 1684?


What was the policy of the ming and qing dynasties toward foreigners?

The Ming Dynasty initially had a policy of limited trade and diplomatic contact with foreigners, but relaxed their stance later on and allowed some foreign trade. The Qing Dynasty, on the other hand, had a more conservative policy and implemented strict regulations on foreign trade and limited contact with outsiders.

What was the only product successfully used by the british to correct the trade imbalance between them and the Qing Empire?


How was the Qing dynasty's policy of trade with Europe similar to that of the Ming dynasty?

Both dynasties heavily restricted trade with Europe.

When a British mission visited Beijing in 1793 seeking more liberal trade policies how did emperor qianlong reply?

He harshly rejected the king's request and refused to allow for increased trade between China and Europe.

How did the Manchu come to power in China in 1644?

They came to power in China because they left Korea that they did not see as much of prize but to extract tribute fom Choson to help them in their campaigns into China. After the conquest of the Ming, they had so much territory to adminster that adding to it was not a high priority.