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AnswerIt left Russia's problems mostly unsolved
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Q: How did the Russian Revolution affect Russia?
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How did the Revolution affect Russia?

The Russian Revolution had a powerful impact on Russia. It changed the system of government from a monarchy to communism and destroyed the serfdom system. The Russian Revolution set up the beginnings of a new, more modern Russia.

The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia .?

The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia becoming a communist state.

Who was the king of russia after the Russian revolution?

After the revolution in Russia was not kings.

Why did the first Russian revolution fail?

In soviet Russia The Russia revolution Succeeded

What changed after the Russian revolution in 1917?

After the Russian revolution in 1917 the government in Russia changed. Russia was a communist country after the revolution and led the people to change.

What did Russia do in 1917?

The Russian Revolution.

What happened as a result of Russian revolution?

As a result of the Russian Revolution, Communists gained control of Russia.

Who were involved the Russian revolution of 1917?


What government did russia have after the Russian revolution?


What was Russia called after the Russian Revolution?


Who ruled russia after the Russian revolution?


What happened in 1941 about the Russian revolution?

Germany invades Russia in 1941, but that is a long way from the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Where did Russian Revolution take place?

The Russian Revolution took place in Russia and spread throughout the different cities.

Did Stalin make russia an industrial power before or after the Russian revolution?

The Russian Revolution was carried out by Lenin in 1917. Stalin succeeded him in 1924. From this, we can infer that he made Russia an industrial power AFTER the revolution.

What was happening in Russia in 1917?

It was happening the Russian revolution.

Where did the Russian revolution take place?

inside Russia

Where was Russian revolution November 1917 located?


Was Russia better off as a result of the Russian revolution?


What countries were involved in the Russian Revolution?

i don't think there were any countries involved with Russian revolution............ but russia did have wars with Japan, and the was involved with WW1 wich caused the Russian revolution.

Who came to power after the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin came to power after the Russian Revolution. He was the first leader of Communist Russia.

Why was the Russian revolution revolution important?

Because it brought on Communism in Russia. Also China was influenced by Russia to be communist as well.

What happened in Russia in march 1917?

The Russian Revolution began due to the lack of food and supplies. Czar, leader of Russia, resigns because the Russian Revolution threatens to destroy the Russian Government. Communism takes over and pulls Russia out of World War I.

Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution?

The leader of the Bolsheviks in the Russia Revolution was Vladimir Lenin.

What was another name for the Russian Revolution of 1905?

There was no revolution in Russia in 1905. There was the Russian Bloody Sunday,but that was just a tragic event, not a war.

What events were sparked by World War I in Russia?

The Russian Revolution.