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How did the US acquire Hawaii?

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Hawaii was under an Monarchy, a queen. Other governments wanted Hawaii because it was good for ports and very nice land. The different governments came to Hawaii to start a war. The queen did not want her people to be killed so she surrendered. She was brought to jail and ended up dying waiting for justice. The United States was the highest bidder, so we acquired Hawaii in 1959.

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From whom did the US acquire Hawaii?

From the Republic of Hawaii.

How did the the US acquire Hawaii?

The US gained Hawaii through an annexation technically, but really Hawaii was conquered by America.

In what year did the US acquire Hawaii?


When did the US acquire Hawaii as a Territory?

In 1898 by Act of Congress.

What two prime naval harbors did the US acquire in Samoa and Hawaii?

Hawaii- Pearl Harbor

What year did the US acquire Hawaii?

In 1898 as a Territory by Act of Congress.

When did US acquire Puerto Rico and Hawaii?

after spanish-american war:)

When did the US acquire the Hawaiian Islands?

In 1898 Hawaii was annexed by the US. In 1959 it became a US State.

How did the US acquire the Hawaii Islands?

The United States acquired Hawaii by meeting with leaders from Hawaii and discussing it joining the United States. This was done in 1897 but Hawaii did not become a state until 1959.

Why did the US acquire Hawaii?

It was annexed from the Republic of Hawaii which had overthrown the Kingdom of Hawaii five years earlier. It insured that a Naval Base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would always be available.

How did the us acquire Alaska Hawaii the Philippines Puerto Rico Guam and the panana canal zone?

No one Knows

How did the United States acquire Hawaii?

It was annexed by an Act of Congress from the Republic of Hawaii.

How and why did the US acquire Hawaii?

It annexed Hawaii in 1898 by Act of Congress because it was seen as a good property to control because of its location as a Pacific refueling station and Naval base.

What three new lands did the US acquire?

The Louisiana purchase, Alaska and it forceably annexed Hawaii (for which it has tried to apologize since).

How did the us acquire hawaiian islands?

The US overthrew the government using Navy seals and kicked out the Queen from power so they could use Hawaii as a military base.

What possession did the US acquire first A Alaska B Hawaii C panama canal zone D Puerto Rico?

alaska, luv

When did the United States acquire the Hawaiian Islands?

It became the Territory of Hawaii in 1898.

What is the relationship between US and Hawaii?

Hawaii is a state in the US

How much is a US dollar worth in Hawaii?

Hawaii us a part of the US, a US state and therefore a US dollar is worth in Hawaii just the same as a US dollar is worth in Chicago! The US dollar is the legal tender of Hawaii.

Argued for a larger stronger Navy to acquire Hawaii?

Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan.

Which territory did the US acquire by using the foreign policy tool of armed forces?

Pretty much all territory west of the Mississippi River, with the exception of Alaska, but including Hawaii.

How many US Representatives does Hawaii have?

Hawaii has two US Representatives.

How much did Hawaii cost when the US bought it?

The US did not buy Hawaii.

What is the distance between US to Hawaii?

Hawaii is in the US. If you mean distance between the CONTIGUOUS US and Hawaii, the answer would be approximately 2500 miles

When did the US acquire Hawaii?

It became a US Territory in 1898 by act of Congress.The Republic of Hawaii was the formal name of Hawaii from 1894 to 1898 when it was run as a republic. The republic period occurred between the administration of the Provisional Government of Hawaii which ended on July 4, 1894 and the adoption of the Newlands Resolution in Congress in which the Republic was annexed to the United States and became the Territory of Hawaii on July 7, 1898. The state was admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959, making it the 50th state.