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Poorly in most cases, quite harshly in rare cases. Many troops had only rare exposure to the Vietnamese. Some Soldiers did treat the Vietnamese very well and bonded with them. It is hard to generalize about this. A Soldier could be mean to a villager while on patrol, but very nice to the ones he encoutered off duty. Cultural training wasn't very good and this did hamper their ability to develop relationships.

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Vietnam shifted the burden of the ground fighting from American troops to what?

Vietnam shifted the burden of the ground fighting from American troops to South Vietnamese troops during the later stages of the war. This was called "Vietnamization".

Vietnamese forces that were supported by American troops?

During the Vietnam War, the United States supported South Vietnam. This was an attempt to prevent communism from spreading from North Vietnam.

What was President Nixon policy to replace us troops in Vietnam with south vietnamese troops?


What was Nixon's promise to get us out of Vietnam?

train south vietnamese troops to replace the us troops

What were the Vietnamese forces that were supported by American troops?

Army of the republic of Vietnam

Who led the Vietminh troops?

The Vietminh, or Vietnamese nationalists, fought against the Japanese troops which occupied Vietnam during World War II. Vo Nguyen Giap led the Vietminh troops.

How many people were killed in the Vietnam war other than US troops?

Roughly a million Vietnamese were killed in the war.

Who were the NVA in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnamese Army; regular army troops.

What happened after Nixon pulled troops from south Vietnam?

The North Vietnamese won!

What was the name given to the US plan in which American troops would train Vietnamese troops and then the American troops would withdraw from Vietnam?


Why did Eisenhower send troops to South Vietnam?

Because the Vietnamese election had been cancelled To train South Vietnamese soldiers To overthrow South Vietnamese leaders

What ended the war in Vietnam?

The people of the United States came to feel that the war in Vietnam was unjustified. President Nixon withdrew troops and the North Vietnamese aided by China took over South Vietnam.

What was the pulling out of troops in the Vietnam war?

The us slowly pulled the troops out and handed the fighting over to the south vietnamese army

How many south vietnamese troops died in the vietnam war?

There were over 1.3 million military deaths in the Vietnam War.

Did they have any treaty stipulations during the Vietnam war?

They were called peace negotiations; and the US simply wanted the North Vietnamese to pull their troops out of SOUTH Vietnam and quit trying to take it over.

How many south Vietnam communist troops were in the Vietnam war?

Not many because most of the communist troops were from the north. Take my word cas I am vietnamese if you can't tell by my name

What was President Richard Nixon's plan for Vietnamization of the war?

Nixon's plan for Vietnamization was to slowly replace the American troops fighting in Vietnam with Vietnam troops. Slowly bringing the Americans out of the war and helping the Vietnamese people have control over the conflict.

What was Nixon's secret plan during the Vietnam War?

Perform secret bombings in Cambodia Have the South Vietnamese do the bulk of the fighting Withdraw troops through Vietnamization

What was the name of the government troops of the South Vietnam government?

ARVN=Army Republic of South Vietnam. NVA=North Vietnamese Army.

When did North Vietnam unify with the South?

after North Vietnamese troops took over Saigon in 1975.

Who were the first troops to enter Vietnam?

Believe it or not, the first troops into Vietnam were not conventional troops. They were actually the Green Berets, or the 10th Special Operations Forces. They were there to train the South Vietnamese to fight the Guerrilla Vietcong in South Vietnam. They first went in country in the 1950's.

What were the three stages of the Vietnam war?

1957 - 65 - South Vietnamese army against North Vietnamese Communist rebels (Viet Cong) 1965 - 69 - The war itself. US involved in fighting. US troops (with South Vietnamese army troops) against Viet Cong 1969 - 73 - Vietnamisation. US troops start leaving Vietnam. March 29, 1973 - Last US troops leave.

What was one of the concessions that North Vietnam received from the US and the South Vietnam in the Paris Peace accords?

North Vietnamese troops would be allowed to stay in South Vietnam.

What was one of the concessions that north Vietnam received from the US and south Vietnam in the Paris peace accords?

North Vietnamese troops would be allowed to stay in South Vietnam.

What was the plan for the gradual removal of American troops from South Vietnam?

The plan for the gradual removal of American troops from south Vietnam was called Vietnamization. South Vietnamese troops were trained to use American arms and materiel to protect their country.

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