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because a.h declared war with Siberia when they did not follow all the 10 commandments that ah gave them.

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Q: How did the alliance system contribute to the causes of World War 1?
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What were the main causes of World War 1?

Militarism Alliance system Iperilism Nationalism There are the M.A.I.N causes of ww1

Long term causes of WW1?

Long term causes of World War 1 included:the arms racethe alliance system

What are the underlying causes of World War 1?

Militarism Nationalism Imperialism Alliance systems

What was the 3 major causes of world war 1?

nationalismbritish not making their intentions clear to germany.treaty/alliance systemthe franco/prussian war of the 19th century

Why did the alliance system help to draw Europe into World War 1?

The alliance system in place at the outbreak of World War 1 was designed in such a way that a declaration of war from one country against another automatically embroiled their allies. It was intended to provide a balance of power to deter a large scale continental war, but in the end it was probably one of the main causes of it.

What were four underlying causes of World War 1?

Militarism, Nationalism, Imperialism, Alliance systems

Why did World War I become entrenched?

World war 1 became entrenched because of the alliance system

What were the three reasons entering World War 1?

imperialism. militarism, and the alliance system.

Why was the alliance system a major part of World War 1?

il aime danser

Which contributing factor to World War 1 does the passage most clearly reflect?

The alliance system

How did the economic system contribute to the Mayas not clustering in cities?

The Mayans economic system was a 'world-system'. World-system means a socioeconomic system, one encompassing part of or the entirety of the globe.

Describe how the alliance system led to world war 1?

explain how the system of alliances led to World War I?

Explain what help lead to world war 1?

nationalism, militarism, imperialism and the alliance system

Write as simply as you can why did World War 1 started?

nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and the alliance system

What were some pressures for war in World War 1?

Imperialism, nationalism, militarism, and the alliance system.

How did the alliance system help start world war 2?

in what way did allices help to start world war 1

What factors helped cause World War 1?

An alliance system that required allies to aid one another in armed conflicts

What is the name of the communist alliance system?

After World War II, several communist nations from Europe formed an alliance. It was called the Warsaw Pact because of the city in which it was signed.

What were main causes of World War 2?

I remember them from a phrase: Militarism Alliance & Assassination Imperialism Nationalism These spell out main.

What were the major causes of World War I?

1.military needs 2.alliance mishaps 3.imperialism 4.nationalism

When was Baptist World Alliance created?

Baptist World Alliance was created in 1905.

When did World Fighting Alliance end?

World Fighting Alliance ended in 2006.

When was World Evangelical Alliance created?

World Evangelical Alliance was created in 1951.

What alliance was most powerful in 1914 world war 1?

triple alliance was the powerfull alliance in 1st world war

Why was the alliance system dangerous?

The only reason the Alliance System was dangerous during World War 1 is that is was used to attack the enemy nation. That was dangerous because of the risks of being killed or others being attacked who were not in that nation.