How did the automobile affect where some people chose to live in the 1920s?

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Urbanization was already occuring, especially in the "Roaring Twenties", but the affordability of cars and the availability of jobs for (predominantly) white families, most people chose to live in the cities. Most notable during the time were Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.
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How was living conditions for the poor people in 1920s?

Very bad they had to live on the street or find what ever they could to make a house. Most of the poor people made little villages called "Hoovervilles" made up of cardboard boxes and scrap metal.

Who are some the famous people of the 1920s?

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How does poverty affect peoples lives?

Poverty affects people's lives in various ways including badhealth. Poor nutrition, being hungry, lack of education,unemployment, and discrimination are other ways poverty affectspeople.

In the 1920s how did certain dancing affect people?

Dancing began to actively involve the upper body for the first time as women began shaking their torsos in the Shimmy, giving women more freedom... Different cultures were brought in and mixed to bring people together... Economically unemployed people tried winning monetary prizes in swing dancing c ( Full Answer )

How has Velcro affected peoples lives?

velcro has effected peoples lives by making a fastening easier and quicker to operate. It has appeared on shoes, and sport shoes. Childrens shoes espesically, when they are unable to tie laces, gives them a some independance to dress themselves. It has also been used on clothing and outerwear. Medic ( Full Answer )

Why people chose IT?

iDOnt Reallie Dhink Emo People Are Wronq|2 Be Wat Dhey Want|2 be ; iJust Want|2 Say Dhat Is Not Wronq To Feel Sad Or Depress Yuhh Knoe But Yuhhh Cant Be Sad Forever ; Yuhh Have|2 Just Let Dhat Goo Bcause Dhere's Always asolution ; For Example -- iHave a Friend && Her Name Is Rosa , She Used|2 Be Em ( Full Answer )

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Since TV was invented while I was young, I'll give it a try. At first it brought people together, to talk about the device and the programing, but soon enough it drove them apart. Programs for one person was not for others, and as sets proliferated, with multiple sets, in a house everybody went th ( Full Answer )

How do the Alps affect the people living there?

well the mountain is not easy for people to farm on so many people cant grow crops which leaves them starving and hungry for more food:( people are very poor

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well, it effects the way people see themselves, like its really hard on girls, cause the media is always telling them that its not okay to be a bit bigger, and have curves. The media is saying that you have to be perfectly skinny like all the models. Also media effects peoples relationships, attit ( Full Answer )

How does climate affect peoples lives?

Climate affects peoples lives because you adapt to the climate and the climate determines what kind of car, clothes, and house you will buy.

How do typhoons affect the lives of people?

Typhoons affect the lives of people because it maked them lose there homes and they will be shelterless and children might not have a school so they could not have any education.

How do avalanches affect peoples lives?

It causes death and wreckage and if you live near a mountain and there is an avalanche your house is likely to get flattened. This means you will have to get a new home. If a family member dies then it will be hard to get along without them. The only way it won't effect your life is that you die ( Full Answer )

How did the mobile affect peoples lives?

Cell phones made telephone portable. It is more convinient now, but it is said to cause brain cancer if you talk too long, because of the wireless in it. Overall, though, it's been a giant leap in technology.

Where did most people live in the 1920s?

people in the 1920s lived in jungles and stuff because like they needed the resources but if you were like royalty then like you could live with queen victoria and stuff because you were worthy of not being a peasant in a jungle.

Why people chose to live in cities than villages?

People like to live mainly in the cities compared to living in the villages mainly because they have a chance for a better job , and at the same time their relatives to may be staying there. Village life is very harsh and slow.

Why do you think people in Brazil chose to live near the coast?

People in Brazil chose to live by the coast for the obvious reasons, because they could swim and there were less mosquitoes, etc. Brasilia, Brazil's capital city was built in the jungle to attract the over populated in habitants of the seaside to live there but their plan failed, nobody wanted to li ( Full Answer )

How can a pilgrimage affect peoples lives?

A pilgrimage might affect people's lives because it brings them closer to God and it is a chance to have a wonderful experience and to enjoy yourself but learn at the same time.

How does globalization affect peoples lives?

It affects peoples lives as it provides ideas and comforts for our own living. For example, if you had never heard of McDonalds then you would have never tried it. You would not even know of it unless it was in your country. Thus globalization affects our life.

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The people living near the volcanoes will have their homes destroyed and swept away by the volcano lava. The volcano lava also eats up the people who are not warned and evacuted

How did radio affect peoples lives during the 1920-30?

Radio would have functioned much as the internet would have today. It was the main source of news and would have been a driving force for the spread of opinons and ideas. This was also true with the invention of the printing press and newspaper. The major difference would have been that the concet ( Full Answer )

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Corruption affects the poorest the most, in rich or poor nations,though all elements of society are affected in some way ascorruption undermines political development, democracy, economicdevelopment, the environment, people's health and more.

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Floods can affect every area of life and property: . Floods can damage homes and kill people and animals. . Floods destroy growing crops and wash away the rich topsoil that is so necessary for growing crops. . Floods can release toxic materials such as heating oil, gasoline, liquid waste and ( Full Answer )

How did automobiles improve people lives?

Automobiles let people travel farther distances and explore. The automobile businesses created many jobs too. The bad part is that they had no idea that much pollution were created by cars.

How people lives are affected by war?

well, the family's father could go to war so they would just have the mother taking care of them, many people would get jobs, some would have to flee the country, and some could die.

Why do so many people chose to live in tierra templada?

It is because the Tierra templada has pleasant temperature's all year round. Also many crops such as oranges, limes and coffee are grown there. so it is also a great place for a farmer to make food.

How does location affect how people live?

Location/place of habitat effect life style of people. In natural environment it affects the health of people while in a social environment affects the economic status and attitude of the people.

How did the mass production of automobiles in the 1920s affect the economy of the us?

The mass production of automobiles in the 1920's affected the economy of the United States because mass production made technology affordable to the middle and lower classes because the mass production made it cheaper and quicker to build so more people could afford them. Because of this it develope ( Full Answer )

How does algebra affect peoples lives?

Algebra is used almost aspect of life. From the the simple y=mx equation to ratios everything is used. The most common example I see is the use of ratios at the grocery store. X price/A size=Y price/B size, to see which is the better deal. Also, law enforcement uses algebra to recreate accidents to ( Full Answer )

How are peoples lives affected by volcanoes?

The earth near volcanoes becomes very fertile as the volcanoes produce a lot of minerals. for this reason people often live on the slopes of volcanoes. This works fine as long as the volcano does not erupt again. When a volcano erupts it can produce lahars, flows of very hot ash that comes down t ( Full Answer )

How did the automobile change how people lived?

Having automobiles changed the way people lived because of not having to walk every where, they could carry more (because of seats and the boot)! hope this helped :)

How did automobiles change the standard of living during the 1920?

Before the invention of the car the city center was the only shopping and entertainment centers. The nice homes were on the edges of the city center and everyone was in walking distance to what they needed. Many store owners lived over their shop, business, or store. It was all centralized. After th ( Full Answer )

What were some reasons people chose to move west?

There was government incentive to move west. Generally speaking, the government would pay individuals to take land in the west. This was attractive to many of the lower and working classes, allowing for the beginning of the formation of a kind of agrarian middle class.

How do dances affect the lives of people?

it can help there life and even get a future on TV maybe if there good Enough it can even get them more popular too. Hope my answer helped

How does a cyclone affect how people live?

It affects people because it destroys their houses and goods, and it makes people very emotional if one of their items is damaged or lost.

Why do people chose to live on a flood plain?

Floods may occur infrequently. For this reason settlers mayoccupy flood plains inadvertently. . Some flood plains have rich soils. The most famous of these, atleast in the West, is the Egyptian flood zone.