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Move the capital to Constantinople and put up a wall on the land side of the peninsula to prevent invaders

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How did byzantines first try to prop up their shaky empire?


How did the byzantines try to prop up their shaky empire?

They used diplomacy

What was the first prop in the Princess Diana book?

a phone

What famous icon's prop glove was stolen after the first film?


What is the distributive property for 6x19?

Well tell me first what is the distribu. prop. first and ill tell u.

How do you abbreviate the word 'Property'?


What is a prop?

A prop is any object used by the actors on stage.

What plants have prop roots?

Ficus plants have prop roots.

What was Groucho Marx's prop?

Groucho Marx's prop was a cigar.

How do you use prop in a sentence?

I need to prop something up against the wall. OR.... Can you please make me a prop for the school musical?

What do you call the brace that holds the hood open on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Hood propHood prop

What is a prop in rugby?

A Prop in rugby refers to the loose-head prop + tight-head prop, numbers 1 and 3, they are members of the front row in the scrum and are usually the heaviest players on the team.

What is a prop blast?

A 'prop' blast is the fast rush of air pushed back by an airplane propellor (prop) turning really fast.

What is prop8?

prop 8 is a prop that tried to leagalize gay marriage.

Who is usually the strongest prop in rugby union?

Loose head prop

What is body prop in drama?

Body prop is where you use you body to create props

What are the classifacation of airplanes?

Ultra-light light Your average Cessna Multi-prop Multi-prop heavy Turbo-prop light Turbo-prop Turbo-prop heavy Light jet Personal jet Buisness jet Commercial Jet Commercial Heavy Space craft

Transfer prop 13 tax from sale to purchase?

how to transfer prop 13

What is a turbo prop aircraft?

A turbo prop is basically a jet engine with a propeller.

What does the abbreviation prop stand for?

Its different depending on the context you use it in... Prop could be proposition. or like to prop up something that's actually a word.

What actors and actresses appeared in Prop Room - 2000?

The cast of Prop Room - 2000 includes: Tyler Meyer as Prop Room Man

What causes prop wash?

Prop wash is caused by a passing propeller driven aircraft. The spinning prop creates a vortex like wind that can be quite violent.

What do the numbers on an RC plane prop mean?

What do the numbers mean? The first number is the prop diameter. The second number is the prop pitch. This is the theoretical distance that the prop would move forward if rotated one revolution. If you were to mount your prop on a shaft and submerse it in jello, you could see this in action... A 10x6 prop is 10" in diameter, and in theory, the prop will move forward 6" in one revolution. The pitch can be thought of similar to the transmission in your car. A low pitch (like on a 10x4) is like low gear on your car--lower speed, but more power. A high pitch is more like a high gear--higher speed, but it takes longer to get to top speed, and you may lose power on the verticals.

Who is the greatest Prop in rugby league?

in Australia the person generally accepted as the greatest prop in rugby league history is arthur "artie" beetson. a tough no nonsense prop, artie is credited with introducing the offload as a necessary skill of the front row and throwing the first punch in state of origin history (it was against his teammate from parramatta).

What is a representational prop in drama?

A representational prop in drama is related to the drama form being representational, in simpler terms, realistic drama. Making a representational prop a realistic prop. E.G. a candle, a suitcase or a pen. Where as a presentational prop would be non-realistic E.G. a giant bug, a fairy on the shoulder etc.