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It didn't 'change the civil war'. It changed during the civil war. But only at the end - too late to make any difference.

After Lee was appointed General-in-Chief in January 1865, they made plans to train slaves for the army, and asked Britain and France whether they would grant recognition if slavery was abolished. They wouldn't.

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Q: How did the confederate government's policies toward slaves change the civil war?
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Did union or confederate have slaves in the civil war?

No, the confederate had no slaves, but the union did have African American solders.

What is the union and confederate?

The Union is a group of states that disagree with slaves and the Confederate is a group of states that believe in slaves.

What did lincolns emancipation proclamation declare?

All slaves in the confederate states were free.

When did the Confederate Congress authorize using slaves as soldiers?

The idea of having slaves serve in the Confederate military as soldiers had been a topic in the South as early as 1863. I March of 1865, the Confederate Congress authorized the recruitment of slaves to serve as soldiers.

Who freed slaves in confederate territories?


What did Confederate generals always have?

Confederate generals always had troops and slaves under their command.

Did Confederate General Forrest own slaves?

Yes he did.

Does the confederate constitution contained a provision out lawing international trading of slaves?

the Confederate constitution banned the importation of slaves into its states from outside countries, well before the US

What called for all Confederate Slaves to be freed?

The Emancipation Proclamation, however this was in name only, no slaves at all were freed as the Union had no control of Confederate territory and was unable to enforce it.

Did slaves join confederate army?

maybe No,because they thought the slaves would beat them,not the Union.

Did the confederate states want free labor from slaves?

The new Confederacy's policy regarding slavery did not change from what it was when the Confederate States were part of the Union. Slaveholders had an investment in the slaves they "owned" in a manner of speaking. The slave owners would continue to supply food, clothing & shelter. They would not pay them any wages for their work.

If the Confederate States were their own country due to seccesion how could the Union free slaves in the Confederacy?

They couldn't, it was to change the focus of the war to ending slavery though.