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The economy of the Northern and Southern colonies differed due to the industries that were available. The Northern colonies had the shipping industry, however in the winter the economy suffered. The Southern colonies had the plantations, and the economy thrived during both winter and summer.

New England's soil was very poor for farming but the southern part of North America's soil is very rich

The South relied on indentured servants during that time and grew crops such as indigo, tobacco and cotton on large plantations. The north, on the other hand, grew crops primarily for there own substance

Virginia and the southern colonies were centered around the tobacco and economic advantages. There were less people in Virginia than in Massachusetts, and were less centered on religion, like their northern counterparts.

The Northern and Southern economies differed during the 18th and 19th centuries. For the most part, the Southern states were most agrarian and relied on slave labor. The Northern states were more industrialized and relied on individual labor. Additionally the North grew wheat and barley.

The Southern Colonies grew cash crops, including cotton, tobacco, and indigo. The Middle Colonies grew grain, such as wheat and rye. The Northern Colonies did not rely on agriculture, but raised pigs and chickens.

the united states sought colonies as market. other nations used colonies' resources

They chucked it Down to the slavery comprimise.

The New England's didn't have fertile soil like the Southern colonies did.

the middle colonies propietors did not care what religion you are, as long as you paid for your land. the souther colonies

There is no such thing as a hurricane! What is your problem people. GET REAL!! Like sereiously, who would want to know "how the northern and southern hemisphere differ for hurricane"? Well the answer is that hurricanes are not real, they are a mith.

The experience under slavery differed the two as the slavery had developed a strong foothold.

The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists.

Well, to state the obvious, the northern army were fighting for slavery to end, and the southern army wanted slavery to continue.

There was a very big difference. The North had them work in inns and shops while the South had them work on big plantations. The North treated the slaves better too.

the northern and southern states differed in their attitudes toward slavery because the northern states were against slavery while the southern states were all for slavery, in fact they had slaves. The northern and southern states disagreed about it so much that it caused a war, known as the civil war.

they are two totally different regions split into 2.

South- tobacco plantations- indentured servants- slaveryNew England- trade- small farms- fishing (New England was said to be built on "God and cod")- little need for slavery or indentured servitude

Northern viewsA vocal minority of northern were abolitionists or people who wanted to end slavery.Southern viewsMany wanted to keep slavery no matter how bad the slaves felt about it .

South- tobacco plantations- indentured servants- slaveryNew England- trade- small farms- fishing (New England was said to be built on "God and cod")- little need for slavery or indentured servitude

The economy in the Northern states was in the process of improving its industrial base and also had farmlands that grew such grains as wheat. It was perfectly balanced to wage a war. On the other hand, the economy of the South was heavily based on agriculture. There was little industry in the South.

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