How did the founding fathers build their views into the Constitution?

The founding fathers were afraid of a direct democracy because people in masses are generally stupid. The Electoral College was established to create a republic based of this mistrust of �mobocracy� or the theory that ignorant people would decide an election and the newly elected president would run the country into the ground.

The construction of our government fortifies this theory. The judicial branch consists of nine members who retain their positions for life (or good behavior), placed in their office for such a long tenure to counter-act the whims of a current fad in politics. For example, right now conservatism is the driving force in politics, but there are justices in the Supreme Court who are liberal, and these justices will be there for the rest of their lives. Even though the populous advocates the recantation of cases such as Roe v. Wade, this repeal will probably not occur any time soon.

The founding fathers, as the intellectual elite of their time, had every right to fear the impulses of those for whom they were creating the constitution. To protect themselves and those like them who would follow, they ensured that there was not only a check on the government itself, but on the governed as well.