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They didn't . Most owned slaves.

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Q: How did the founding fathers deal with slavery?
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Why did the founding fathers fail to eliminate slavery?

The founding fathers failed to eliminate slavery because the slaves were the deal then as they helped in doing labor work that helped spur the economy.

Why did the Founding Fathers say little about individual rights?

The Founding Fathers said a very great deal about individual rights.

The founding fathers failed to abolish slavery because?


Why did the founding fathers decide to keep slavery?

so he can have a bat

Why didn't the founding fathers halt slavery?

because its not nice

Why did the Founding Fathers keep slavery in the Constitution?

Some of the states would not ratify, or approve, the new Constitution if they had anything to do with slavery. For compromise, the Founding Fathers agreed to let the matter of slavery be left alone for at least 20 years.

How did the founding fathers justify slavery?

they didn't think that it was fair to others ,so the founding fathers thought to start the state of America without out slavery so every American can enjoy and love their state!

Did the founding fathers think slavery would die out by 1860?


Why did the founding fathers allow slavery to continue?

Many of the Founding Fathers had slaves and knew that way of life. Change is always hard to follow through when it affects you personally.

Why did the founding fathers avoid the slavery issue?

the Founding Fathers avoided the slavery issue because it would've disrupted colonial unity (because the north and south would've been arguing) that was much needed in creating a union/country.

Did the founding fathers stop slavery?

no it ran its course, twitter and facebook and myspace came into play

Was john marshall a slave owner?

No. He was one of the Founding Fathers of which were members of societies for ending slavery.

When did the founding fathers become founding fathers?

I think on 1943

How did the founding fathers create federalism?

How did the founding fathers create federalism

What would you tell a founding father?

I would ask Americas founding fathers, how they became Americas founding fathers? Also why did they sign the deceleration of independence? Lastly why do we have founding fathers?

Why did the founding fathers not abolish slavery?

The founding fathers of the United States did not abolish slavery right away because it was something that they found useful. There were many slaves working in state houses in Pennsylvania at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed. Many families had slaves to do the cooking and cleaning in the northern states.

Why didn't the founding fathers abolish slavery?

Most of them had slaves and were dependent on them. Incorrect. Only 3 of the 7 founding fathers were slave owners. There were 7 founding fathers of the US Constitution: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jay, Madison, and Hamilton. 3 were slave owners (Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all from Virginia). 3 were not (Adams, Jay, and Hamilton) In fact they were adamantly against slavery. Franklin became an abolitionist after the Constitutional Convention in 1785 and freed both his slaves. The founding fathers from Virgina (later a confederate state) were pro-slavery. The others from New York or Massachusettes were against slavery. This initial philosophical contradiction during the founding of the US wasn't resolved until 80 years later during the US Civil War.

Where the founding fathers against or for slavery?

I think it depends on where the Founding Father is from. Some are from the southern states where slavery is a main part of money. Some are from the North where people strongly oppose slavery since they are all people in a way. Most of them were against slavery; however, a couple were very vehement about keeping slavery in the Declaration of Independence.

Why were the founding fathers against the slave trade?

the founding fathers were against slave trade because they wanted America to be a free country and and for people to have rights no matter what color there skin is and what is a free world with slavery(a third world country)

What did the founding fathers disagree on?

Slavery, some were for it, others were against it. The pro slavery side won, until the Civil War settled the matter once and for all.

How many Founding Fathers were there?

There were 74 delegates/founding fathers at the constitutional convention

Were the Founding Fathers atheist?

Most of the founding fathers of the US where deists. not atheists.

How many founding fathers did sign the declaration of independence?

Five Founding Fathers

Who is the fouding Fathers?

who is the Founding Fathers

What compromise did the founding fathers make?

They made MANY. There was vigorous debate with a great deal of dis-agreement.

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