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how the french navy helped George Wahinggton at yorktown was the french sent 5,000 soilders to aid the US

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Q: How did the french navy help Washington at Yorktown?
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Where did Washington defeat the British?

At Yorktown. Washington and the french navy overpowered the british,and General Cornwalis Surrendered.

What was the patriots strategy for defeating b the british at Yorktown?

George Washington and his forces which included French soldiers had the British in a bad position on Yorktown. Washington and the French prevented the British from breaking through Washington's lines and the French navy prevented a British naval rescue of their comrades at Yorktown.

Who was involved in the battle of Yorktown?

Americans and French against British There was general George Washington, General Conwallis, and a French general too

The british defeat at Yorktown was brought about by George Washington's army and?

The French navy under Admiral de Grasse

What helped the American win the battle of Yorktown?

The incredible job that General Washington's spies did of providing misinformation to the British as well as the french navy's assistance of blocking any retreat.

Who won the battle of Yorktown and what was its significant?

It was won by the Americans (with the help of the French Navy) and was the end of the American Revolution.

What bay did the French Navy help win the American Revolution?

The Battle of the Chesapeake Bay which preceeded the Battle of Yorktown.

Who was the British general that commanded at Yorktown?

{| |- | General Cornwalis was in charge at Yorktown. The British found themselves trapped between the Colonial Army under the command of George Washington and the French Navy. They had little choice but to surrender. |}

What impact the French joining the American side had on the Revolutionary War?

they help the America's by sending their troops over to the america's Their primary contribution was the availability of the French Navy to assist. The surrender at Yorktown was a combination of Colonial troops and the French Navy.

What helped the Americans win the battle at Yorktown?

The French Navy's assistance.

Who where the leaders who trapped the British troops between the American army and french navy in the battle of Yorktown?

General Washington, General Rochambeau, and Admiral de Grasse.

Who won the battle of Yorktown in the American Revolution?

America- with the aid of the French navy.