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How did the hydrogen bomb change Japan in World War 2?

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The hydrogen bomb had not been developed before the end of World War II and therefore, the H bomb did not have an impact on Japan. The two bombs dropped on Japan, effectively ending the wat, were atomic -- but not "thermonuclear," or hydrogen bombs. Simply put, atomic bombs split atoms apart; hydrogen bombs fuse atoms together and the energy released by a hydrogen bomb is about one thousand times greater than the energy released by an atomic bomb.

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What was used to bomb japan in World War 2 nuclear or hydrogen?

Nuclear. At the time it was called an atom bomb.

What are the effects of World war one on Japan?

Japan didn't get bombed in WW1 but they got hit the a hydrogen bomb in WW2

When was the hydrogen bomb dropped?

A hydrogen bomb was not dropped on Japan. It was dropped years later as a test and to determine how it acted in comparison to the plutonium and uranium bombs.

Is the nuclear bomb the biggest bomb?

No the hydrogen bomb is -The hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear bomb.

Was using the hydrogen bombs on japan necessary?

They never used hydrogen bombs in Japan. They used nuclear bombs which produces gamma rays not the lethal doses of x-rays produced by the hydrogen bomb.

Does Japan have the hydrogen bomb?

Japan has no nuclear weapons and does not permit other nations with them (including the U.S.) to bring them onto their territory.

Examples of man made disasters?

The Chernobyl Nuclear accident 9/11 The hydrogen bomb dropped on Japan during the second world war

What was the strength of the hydrogen bomb versus the atomic bomb dropped on japan?

Those hydrogen bombs were 20 times stronger at the beginning and later all got worst in the arms race.

Which is more destructive a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb, is a nuclear bomb

What bomb did the us use on Japan in World War 2?

The US bombed Japan with an atomic bomb during WWII.

How did the dropping of the atom bombs on japan change the world?

japan was warned but the Japanese refused to surrender.therfore on August 6, 1945 an American plane dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima japan.

How much hydrogen is in a hydrogen bomb?

there is no Hydrogen in a hydrogen bomb.its called a hydrogen bomb because there are isotopes of hydrogen: tritium (3H ), and deuterium (2H,)

What type of bomb is used now to replace the atomic bomb?

First hydrogen bomb then nuclear missiles but they are never used because of the dropping of the atomic bombs on japan...

What is the comparison between the tsunami in japan to the World War 2 atomic bomb in japan?

The nuclear bomb was worst. Japan couldn't even reconstruct the country after the bomb and after the tsunami they did well working.

Information on US explodes H-bomb?

The H-Bomb, or Hydrogen Bomb, has never been used in warfare- the bombs dropped on japan at the end of WW2 were ATOMIC bombs, which are not as destructive. The Hydrogen Bomb is very much more powerful than the atom bomb, and has only ever been exploded in tests. For full information, Google 'US Hydrogen Bomb' and see what comes up.

How did the nuclear bomb change the world forever?

saved many lives of the American forces from death on many occasions such as Japan and world war two

What type of bomb replaced the atom bomb as the new weapon of mass destruction after World War 2?

Hydrogen bomb

What element is used to make a hydrogen bomb?

end of world,

What is the weapon that won World War 2?

hydrogen bomb

What bomb was made after the A-bomb?

The Hydrogen bomb.

What bomb was invented after the a-bomb?

The Hydrogen Bomb .

What is degree of destroy that hydrogen bomb can do?

What size of Hydrogen Bomb? How many megatons? the biggest size of hydrogen bomb can done ...........

What is the different between atomic bomb and hydrogen bombs?

A hydrogen bomb is an atom bomb; just one that uses hydrogen.

What Was The Little Boy Bomb?

The Little Boy Bomb was an Atomic bomb Dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in World War 2

What is an h-bomb?

hydrogen bomb