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Q: How did the south get help with its thousands of freed slaves?
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What resource did North have in Civil War that South didn't?

freed slaves willing to help fight the south

Who freed the Hebrew slaves from Egyptian captivity?

The Torah relates that Moses freed the slaves, with God's help.

What was the southern name give to northerners who went south to either make money or help newly freed slaves?

Carpetbaggers .

Did Andrew Johnsom help newly freed slaves?

Andrew Johnson did nothing to help newly freed slaves. He was more concerned with helping White people who were hurt by the Civil War, especially Southerns. While Andrew Johnson was fulfilling President Abraham Lincoln's pledge to forgive the South after the war, he ignored everything President Lincoln wanted to do to help the newly freed slaves after the end of the war.

What was created to help freed slaves?

the underground railroad

How many Slaves were freed in 1863?

Hobos help them too

Did the union armies moving from the south help freed most of the slaves?

You mean "Did the Union armies free most of the slaves in the Confederacy during their Southern campaigns?" Not as many as that. But they did manage to deprive a lot of farmers of their labour force.

What colony did the British help create for freed slaves in Africa?

freetown sierra Leone

What is the name of the agency that the government founded to help the newly freed slaves?

Freedmen's bureau

Why was the Friedman's bureau created during the reconstruction?

to help freed slaves and that says friedman's bureau

Why did some college leaders believe that the freed slaves should learn job?

To help them improve their communities.

What group formed to help newly freed slaves after the civil war?

The group is called the Freedmen's Bureau.