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Q: How did the u.s. Government gain public support for ww1?
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What were specific methods used by the American government to garner support for the war eforrts in ww1?

The American government used propaganda to garner support for the war efforts in WW1. They used pictures (such as posters) and the press specifically.

Why is the work of the committee on public information during ww1 considered propaganda?

The Committee on Public Information during WWI is considered propaganda because it was a government agency created to shape public opinion in support of the war effort. It disseminated information that presented the war in a positive light, encouraged patriotism, and portrayed the enemy in a negative way to rally support for the war. Its goal was to influence public perception and garner public support for the war.

Did Bulgaria gain any land after WW1?

No it didn't.

What type of government did most European nations have after ww1?

Most of European nations had Democracy gov after ww1

What impact did ww1 have on Russia's government?

help your self

How did the government raise money for ww1?

taxed citizens

How did business and government cooperate during ww1?

can someone answer this

What government did France have after ww1?

they had a government like America but America was and is still better then france

What year were the first CD players introduced to the public?

during WW1

How did the American public view labor unions after ww1?

they need pushi

Did the Germans support Kaiser Wilhelm during the outbreak of ww1?


What reason did nz choose to support Britain in ww1?

because they were invaded