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Water was put in a very cold place so it could freeze into ice.

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There are many plants that are used to flavour ice cream but not to make it.

yes it is used to make ice cream not in all though

Salt is not used for making ice, because all you have to do to make ice is freeze water.

dry ice is for mixing with water to make fog

yes, it is used in ALL ICE CREAMS!!!! INCLUDING MILK!!!

Ice is used to make food cold(ice packs),heals cuts(depends how severe it is),and sometimes even for science experiments.Also ice is used for hockey,skating,and figure skating.

The mammoth is used to make ice cream and ice for the villagers. They roll the snow with their snout to harvest.

This depends on the type of water used to make ice.

they used to make ice cream in a thing called a french pot. google it.

Salt added to ice makes the ice colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Salt and Ice are also used separately as preservatives. Salt is used as a flavor enhancer. Ice is used to make drinks more palatable.

Hoshizaki ice machines are used to make ice. Actually, they are industrial size ice makers so you typically wouldn't find them at a home but more at restaurant and other business establishments.

Basically, the materials used to make ice cream are cream, sugar and flavoring, such as vanilla, chocolate or mashed fruit. If you read the list of ingredients on a commercial package of ice cream, you may decide to make your own!

Salt is used to keep the ice cream cold, and it is also what you use to make the ice cold enough in a machine, to make the cream form into a solid.

Sodium chloride is added to the ice to lower the freezing point of the ice. ... This allows time for the ice cream to freeze more evenly

Maybe if used externally.

Though many do not know it sea weed is used to make ice cream.

You don't. To make ice cream you want to make it with ice cream salt.

its ingredients used to make ice cream. i know because i made homemade ice cream before

A scoop is used to serve ice cream, a portion like cookie dough or to make melon balls.

When salt is applied to ice, it starts to melt it but as it melts it, it actually makes it colder. In victorian/edwardian times they used to use ice and salt to make ice-cream!!!

Melting requires energy: the heat energy in your drink is used to melt the ice.

you make it by yougurt and also ice you make it by yougurt and also ice

i dont think they make a black currat ice cream but they do make black currant which has black and red currants in it :)

Carrageenan: several kinds of red algae sometimes called Irish moss is used in ice cream. The brown algae is alginate (kelp) it was used in some ice cream but is not common now as it is somewhat dificult to process. It makes realy good ice cream though. Both of these serve to make the ice cream thicker and to reduce the size of the ice crystals in ice cream. Raw seaweed is not used in ice cream as it would taste odd. The seaweed is washed and heated and the material is removed by precipitating it with alcahol. The end product is a light tan powder that is cloudy to clear when mixed with water.