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I think they felt a little mischivious and sneaky

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Q: How did white southerners feel about scalawags?
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What were white southerners who sided with the republicans called?

a scalawags

Which were the white southerners who cooperated with the republicans during reconstruction?


Postwar white Southerners who joined the Republican Party?

scalawags :)

What is the Name for southerners who helped with reconstruction?

Scalawags :)

White southerners who cooperated with Radical Reconstruction governments were called?

White southerners who cooperated with radical recontruction were called "scalawags". I'm sorry they are not called radicals.

What groups of the south supported the Republican Party?

Scalawags. White Southerners supporting the Republicans.

What were southerners who supported Republican governments called in the South?


How did scalawags get their name?

Scalawags is the term used to refer to white Southerners who favored the Reconstruction instead of the south. The derogatory term later became more of a political name.

How did scalawags change government in the south?

scakawags changed the government in the south by bringing the republican ideas to the politics of south white southerners were referred a scalawags by their enemies carpetbaggers won in most of the cases and that led to scalawags moving towards

What was meant by the scalawag in the south?

Scalawags were white Southerners who supported Reconstruction policies and efforts after the conclusion of the American Civil War.

What were southerners who were former Unionist and Whigs?

they were called scalawags

What were Southerners who supported republican governments called in the?