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by tending injuryed men in war also, by replacing cannon balls and by feeding injuryed men food.


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The quartering act, the Stamp act, and the Boston tea party

stamp act, tea act, intolerable acts,sugar act, Boston tea party

The Quartering Act was a precursor to the Revolutionary War.

Women weren't allowed to act because it was seen as immoral for men to stare at women, it led them to sin.

THE HOMESTEAD ACT!Women can secure land. I promise. 100 percent.

Yes. The stamp act was part of the Revolutionary. Since it's part of the revolutionary and George Washington was part of the Revolutionary, then he was part of the stamp act.

Women during the early years in the United States did not respond well to the Tea Act. They wish it had never happened.

The quartering act was a law during the revolutionary war that said colonists had to allow soldiers to live in their homes and provide all their necessities such as food.

it aroused revolutionary fervor among many ordinary American men and women

There is no women protection act.

To punish Bostontonians (people from Boston) for the Boston Tea Party during the pre-revolutionary period

because it was one of the cause of the revolutionary war

Three events that lead to the Revolutionary War include the Proclamation of 1763, the Tea Act, and the Stamp Act.

He plotted to turn over the American fort at West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War.

the stamp act was a cause of the revolutionary war because the colonists did not like it so they started a war with England.

Benedict Arnold died on April 30, of 1739. He is most well-known for his act of treason during the Revolutionary War.

No Elizabethan women did not act on stage. men played the women.

British Acts that caused the Revolutionary war are the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Townshend Acts, Quartering Act (no not a quarter), and the Tea Act. These acts caused rebellions and the bigger picture, the Revolutionary war.

It is the act that allowed soldiers fighting for Canada during the war to vote, alongside women who were working for the war.

NO women were not allowed to act in the Elizabethan theatre.

because they were indeoendednt countries and that lead to the revolutionary war. Hope this helps.

In Rizal's letter to the women of Malolos, he commended the 20 young women who showed their eagerness to educate themselves. This was a bold act during the Spanish regime in the country.

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