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Women helped out in World War 2 by working in factories and creating ammunition, aircrafts and boats. They would also work on the land and farm.


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how did women help in world war 2 witch is also a video game

It gave them jobs while the men were at war proving they were capable

yes because women nurses were in the war as medical help but sometimes they were threatened by the other team or killed

During World War 2, women would donate items that were made of metal to help with the war effort. The metal could be used to make weapons and vehicles.

They didn't really sneak but they just wanted to help out

Women that were in World War 2 did not fight in the war. The women did many of the other types of jobs such as being nurses and driving vehicles.

To help the Navy men with ships and supplies and duties to win the war

What impact did World War 2 have on British women as mothers

With all of the men fighting the war, women basically took over the workforce during World War 2.

During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

They stayed at home to help with the home front duties

Yes, there were women in world war 1 and 2. The women had to work on farms and grow food for the men

they helped by curing the sick soldiers while they were in war and the population wouldn't get smaller

Worked in jobs that men away at war ususlly held.

the women made the uniforms in world war 2.

The role of women in the world started to change, and that women started to enter the defense forces

It provided jobs for unemployed men and women

before world war ii women were mostly domestic servants

Many women worked in factories and farms during the war.

Women worked in many industries and farms in the war.

More than 6 million women joined the workforce during World War 2 More than 6 million women joined the workforce during World War 2

Well ... if wiki answers question its not answering mine"What women Sports were there during World War 2?"

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