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take it to a gun smith. you may mess it up trying to fix it yourself.

I have the same problem with my Western Field 12 gauge pump. I can't even get it to accept shells into the magazine. I've recently given it over to a gunsmith. If you want to email me I can let you know what he says...


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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:15:02
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Q: How did you fix an automatic shotgun that will not load a shell in the chamber?
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how to load shotgun?

Loading a pump-action shotgun is fairly simple. Open the action and hold the stock underneath your arm. Pop a shell into the action, then close the action to load your chamber. To load the magazine tube, take the next shell and push it into the action, then pin it in place using your index finger.

What is trap load?

A shotgun shell made for the game of trap shooting.

Do you have to load the first shell into the barrel of your 48a franchi doesnt load from chamber by pulling slide?

Your gun needs to visit a gunsmith, It may be dirty, or simply have parts worn or broken. The chamber is what the shell is fired from. You load shells into the magazine.

You found a 1 and 14 load and a 3 and 14 field shotgun shell Is it Special?


Maximum effective range of shotgun shell?

20-100m or so depending on the specifics of the load.

Why wont a shell in a Ithaca model 900xl load to chamber?

You will need to see a gunsmith to find out the correct answer.

If a shotgun has a 3 inch chamber can other size shells be used?

If a shot has a 3inch chamber it will also shoot - 2 3/4 inch shells..

Do you have to use shells in an airsoft shotgun?

It all depends on the model your looking at. So, to make it simple, elaborate. My pump action M56A uses airsoft shotgun shells, that act as magazines. So in a real shotgun, when the shell of a shotgun is fired, the Shell ejects, and the bb's fire. In an airsoft shotgun, depending upon the model, a shell shotgun fires 1 or 3 bb's, and without ejecting the shell, you pump again, causing more pre-loaded bb's into the chamber. But in some Airsoft shotguns, they use Magazines. You insert the magazine into the underside of the gun, and when you re-pump, bb(s) load into the chamber. That would be the logical answer. You used the word "Have". Do i "have to use shells". There are magazine alternatives, and you can always do it the good old fashion manual loading method. You could "screw" the loading mechanism, and manually force the bb's into the chamber. Not recommended. Any more questions, email me.

Will an SW model 916-A accept a slug cartridge?

A properly loaded shotgun shell slug load, yes.

How do you load a browning special steel twentyweight 12 ga semi-automatic shotgun?

the first shell is pushed fully into the side loading port this shell will operate the action and be fed into the breech the second shell loads into the same port but sits there until called for this gun will only cycle 70mm long shells they are easilly obtained

How many bullets can be loaded in the chamber of a Winchester 94 3030 rifle?

. The tube will hold 3 to 5 shells, The chamber itself can only hold 1 shell at a time. What i usually do is load 1 directly into the chamber, Then load 3 into the tube. I hope this is helpful. Steve S

Can you load multiple BB's into an Airsoft Shotgun's chamber?

You can but it depends on the airsoft gun you have. On some it will work and others it will jam or even ruin the gun.

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