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Q: How dirty was the medieval times?
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What were castles like in the medieval times around the world?

cold, damp, and dirty

What were dinosaurs like in medieval times?

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

What id another term used to describe the middles ages?

Medieval PeriodDark Age?Medieval times or the medieval era.

Why is being a Jew an insult?

It isn't. But during the Holocaust and medieval times, they were considered dirty and not humans. Throughout history many countries and people tormented Jews and their homeland.

Who were some Famous knights of Medieval Times?

A medieval knight in the middle ages or medieval times was William the conquerer

When did they build medieval castles?

Medieval times

What castles did they have in Medieval Times?

Medieval castles.

Royalty in Medieval Times?

For my senior trip im going to medieval times

When was Dark Medieval Times created?

Dark Medieval Times was created in 1993.

What is golf in medieval times?

Golf wasn't created during the medieval times.

What was the role of queens in the medieval times?

medieval times queens position at middle ages.

What was the first song in Medieval Times?

There is no way of knowing what the "first" song was in Medieval Times.