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A medieval knight in the middle ages or medieval times was William the conquerer

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Q: Who were some Famous knights of Medieval Times?
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Who are some famous knights from medieval time?

kin arthur

Where the medieval knights kind or evil?

Some were kind and some were not.

What are some names of famous actors in medieval times?

Sir Hugh Gabutt

In Medieval Times were knights lords?

Knights were not necessarily lords in medieval times. While some knights may have held land and titles that would make them lords, many knights were lower nobility or even commoners who earned their knighthood through military service. Being a knight was a prestigious title and came with certain social status and privileges, but it did not automatically confer lordship.

Why did the Knights change their name to King Richard and The Knights?

Possibly some other group used the medieval-sounding title. There are very real dramatic Knights at the Medieval times restaurants, and it is more probable some musical group may have had the title. also what of Sir Paul Mcartney- who was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth some years ago ( do not confuse with the MBE British Empire award presented to the entire group in l966- which they later returned.

What are some good medieval books?

Idiots Guide to the Crusades Medieval Drama by David Bevington Ivanhoe - Walter Scott (Knighthood) Medieval Knights by Jim Whiting

Did they wear socks in medieval times?

Some people did. But then, as now, many people simply wore shoes without socks. However, they were used for unlined boots, (and especially for armored knights).

How did someone come to live in a castle in medieval times?

They either were the king and queens heir. Peasants who needs protection and gives some of what they make to the king. (i.e. if you have crops you give some of it to the king as a payment for him protecting you.) Some peasants will be servants too and they repay their lord by working for them. Knights if they protect the lord's castle. Some of the knights get paid by the lord giving them fiefs in return the knights will protect the castle/fight for the lord.

Crime and punishment of a knight in medieval times?

In medieval times, you could have been dragged out and hung, had your head chopped off, or become the king.

Who was boss in medieval times?

The King, Pope and some medieval countries had emperors.

What are some of the famous medieval castles?

Beaumaris, Dover, Caerlurock

Did priests in Medieval times have beards?

Some had beards, some did not.