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reincarnation is associated with the Caste System because from your previous life it could lead you into the caste you are today and who you are.

Answ2. Reincarnation is a common concept, practiced beyond the nations and religions that sponsor a caste system.

To a self-aware entity such as man, the concept of non-being is unpleasant. ergo - there must be something (anything?) better. hence an afterlife.

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The conventional concept of Reincarnation:

After our death our body perishes. However, our soul, which is eternal, enters soulless bodies of human beings or animals. This repeated cycles rebirth of our soul in different bodies is what we call reincarnation.

We attain Moksha by putting an end to repeated cycles of Reincarnation.

The Original Reincarnation:

If an activity changes whenever it is repeated it is supposed to be Reincarnating. To attain Moksha we have to see to it that the activity remains unchanged even if it is repeated infinite times.

Thus, in the original form Reincarnation occurs in our present life only and enables us to attain Moksha in the present life only.

We can convert Original Reincarnation into conventional Reincarnation just by replacing the word 'activity' with the word 'life'.

The Original Moksha:

Original Moksha is the state at which we can change our Varna easily. In the default state it makes our life semi rigid. Thus, we would be equidistant from both Dharma and Adharma.

Original Moksha gives more freedom in life than anything else.

Reincarnation and Caste system:

The enormous freedom which Original Moksha gave enabled Hindu sages to understand life completely. However, it made individual life and the society very unstable. Therefore, changing of Varna was banned by introducing the Caste system.

Since we attain conventional Moksha after our death only we can't use it to change our Varna.

Thus, Reincarnation was redefined to convert the easily changeable Varnas into unchangeable castes.

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Some people believe that good and bad deeds create karma which builds up over the the course of a life. At death your karma points determine what your new life will be. Eventually if you accumulate enough karma points you get the option of using it all up and reincarnating as an enlightened one or continuing to reincarnate until you get enough to opt out of the reincarnation process all together. Quite obviously those who don't have enough karma to reincarnate into a higher caste are "lesser" people than those who do.

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Currently Hindus have firm belief In Reincarnation (punarjanma). They believe that according to your The Law of Cause and Effect (karma) you will be given birth into Artha (material prosperity) higher or lower caste.

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Q: How do Hindu beliefs in reincarnation help explain the caste system?
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What did the Hindu beliefs about reincarnation?

if you die you can have rebirth into a higher caste system

Which belief Hindu beliefs do buddhists reject?


Two important Hindu beliefs presented in the Vedas?

reincarnation and karma

What is hindus beliefs in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is one of the key beliefs in the Hindu religion. Hindus believe that in order the be reincarnated, you must become one with the Hindu god.

Did Hinduism start the beliefs of reincarnation?

Yes, Beliefs of reincarnationare deeply rooted in Hindu religion. But not only limited to Hinduism , Judasim, Jainism & Islam also believes in reincarnation.

What are common Hindu beliefs?

a Hindu belief is reincarnation and it is the belief that you can come back as something useful in the next life if you are successful in the first

The caste system was reinforced by the Hindu belief in what?

Their belief in Reincarnation.

What is differences between Hindu and Muslim beliefs?

Muslims believe in Judgemet day and Hindus in Reincarnation or Moksha.

What aspects of the caste system related to basic Hindu beliefs?

The fact that you are born into your caste and cannot change it until reincarnation (based on Karma and Dharma) is based on the basic laws of Hinduism.

Why did the caste system develop and how was it perpetuated?

The caste system seems to have emerged as a means of organizing relations between Indo-European conquerors and indigenous people. It was well preserved by strict rules of occupation and Hindu beliefs in dharma and reincarnation.

How can we link Hindu beliefs to the caste system?

yes it is

How might a believed in reincarnation of fat people who live in the Indian subcontinent are part of the Hindu caste system?

No this is simply not true. Thoughts of Reincarnation (punarjanma) & Caste System are completely different.