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How do Hondurans make a living?

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There are a multitude of jobs in Honduras. You can work with the government, you can teach or you can become a doctor.

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Why do hondurans play baseball?

hondurans play baseball so that there kids can have something else to do.

Why do hondurans play tennis?

hondurans play tennis to do something else besides playing soccer

Are hondurans of the Mexican race?


Does Santa Claus bring the presents to Hondurans?

Santa Claus is not real so therefore he does not take PRESENTS to Hondurans.

What do hondurans drink?

pineapple juice

Do Hondurans go to church?


Are hondurans the same as Maya's?

Hondurans are central Americans,Latinos because its Latin America,Hispanic because they have a lot of ties to Spain. They have many blacks aswell as Caucasian Hondurans from both British and Spanish...many are Indians,the majority are mestizo a mix of Maya and Spanish.. In America,the majority of Latinos are mostly Indian orign. Hondurans are Mayans of mixed blood.

What food do hondurans eat?

they eat bannanas

To what religion do the majority of Hondurans belong?


What are the people from Honduras called?

they are called hondurans or Catrachos.

What is the capital of Hondurans?

Tegucigalpa, located south of Honduras.

Why is Black Bean Soup important to Hondurans?

because its a tridition

What is the second biggest fact about Honduras?

hondurans dance punta

Are hondurans Spanish or black?

Spanish. Some are also black.

How many kids does a family in hondurans have?

ut can you tell me lol

Why do Hondurans celebrate Los Reyes?

Los Reyes is celebrated by the Hondurans during the Christmas Season. This day is set aside to honor the Three Kings that went to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

How do Hondurans set the table?

i dont know that why i asked u guys

What is the largest group of Central Americans in the us hondurans or salvadorans?


How do you say hi in Honduras?

Hondurans speak Spanish, so; Hola!

Do people of Honduras like to play basketball?

Hondurans do not play basketball

Did Hondurans claim their independence from Spain?

Yes. In 1821. From CIA Factbook

What do hondurans say to each other when passing the streets?

Adios on Ed

Who makes the laws in Hondurans?

the leader is maneul roslsolas so the answer is Manuel Roslsolas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are hondurans drinks like?

Anything that most Hispanics would drink. lol

Where do most of the Hondurans live?

Most hondurean live everywhere but were the most located is in Brooklyn,NY