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How do I aharge a cell phone with a laptop?

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You can't. The cell phone charger needs AC current in order to recharge its battery. The laptop is incapable of producing AC voltages.

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i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop?

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop

Can you tether a cell phone to laptop?

Yes, what kind of phone do you have?

Types of cell phone chargers?

The type of cell phone charger you get depends on what kind of phone you have. It is not possible to charge your cell phone through your laptop.

Have a cell phone connection can you connect to the internet with your laptop at no extra charges?

I got awcc gprs in my cell phone, I want to connect my phone to my laptop to use internet, I do not know how to do it

How can someone connect to the internet on their laptop by using a cell phone?

Connecting to the internet from the laptop through a cell phone is done through a process called "tethering." The cell phone is able to create a wireless signal that the laptop connects to, much like a home wireless network.

How do you transfer music from a cell phone to a laptop?


Can you transfer pictures from your old cell phone onto your laptop?

yes. u can transfer it if u have blue tooth in ur cell phone and ur laptop. or u can mail them from ur mobile 2 laptop n then find the attachment and download it in ur laptop!!!!

how can i get internet service with a laptop if i dont have a home phone or cable, but my laptop is wireless Is it possible?

Do you currently have a cell phone?? If yes some cell phone companies offer internet service. You get a little usb looking device that allows you to connect to the internet, there is a monthly charge for this and it varies depending on the provider. Also check out this link it shows you how you can hook up your cell phone to your laptop directly, if you have internet on your phone.

Did the cell phone inspire the laptop?

No, actually I'm pretty sure the computer inspired the laptop.... Sorry.

How do you transfer your pictures from your laptop to your cell phone?

What I do is I email my pics to my android phone then I just copy my photos to my phone.

Can you connect to the internet on a laptop using your cell phone?

On some phones you can

Is Sony Ericsson T18 really a laptop?

no its a discontinued cell phone

How do you upload pictures from cell phone to laptop?

through data cable

Is it bad to have your cell phone by our laptop?

If you are asking whether they can damage each other then no, but it is possible for the laptop to emit electrical interference which could decrease your signal strength on the cell phone. On the reverse side, I can see no reason why a cell phone would interfere with the operation of a laptop. That being said, I don't recommend putting the phone directly in front of an exhaust port of the computer; abnormal heat is not good for either device.

How can you transfer music from your laptop to your cell phone?

You need to use a USB cable plug it into your phone, after that, go to the option that says transfer music, it should be recognized by your laptop.

What is SDA phone?

The SDA phone is a windows based cell phone. It works much like a windows based laptop or desktop.

How can you call your cell phone from your laptop?

To do this, you would need an program such as Skype, on which you can pay for phone calls to mobile phones.

What are five types of technology?

Cell phone, computer, MP3, gaming systems, laptop.

Is Samsung galxy tab is a cell phone?

No, it is a touchscreen laptop. It is the Samsung version of the iPad

Can a cell phone company track your Internet activity?

If you cruise the web via your cell phone, yes they can. If you use your cell phone for calling other people, and confine your internet activity to your laptop or desktop computer, no they can't. Unless your online computer service is also from the same provider as your cell phone service.

How do you connect a cell phone to a laptop?

Some cell phones can be hooked to the USB port of a laptop by the sync cable. That will allow you to sync data, such as Contacts. Some phones that can be hooked up that way can be used as a wireless modem, enabling you to get internet access. You would have to have internet access on your phone in order to get internet on your phone.

What is a good gift to give a eleven year old girl?

a cell phone, a Ipod touch and a laptop

What to ask for for your birthday?

*a laptop *a cell phone *money *a ipod *ipod touch *clothes *money * shoes

What is the most beautiful laptop in the world?

It's the Tinmo F300 N82 Made In China Cell Phone.

How do you use cell phone for wireless moden with laptop?

Contact your cell phone provider for the best answer. Your provider controls both the phone software and whether or not this service is provided.When I connect my current phone (windows mobile) to the laptop I am offered the choice between syncronizaton or internet sharing. One begins an active sync session, the other connects my laptop the the 3G network to browse.My last phone (Android) had a 'hotspot' mode that activated the phone's WiFi to connect me wirelessly to the cellular network.