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internet through mobile with GPRSit is very simple infact.

I will provide you step by step instructions.

1) buy a bluetooth dongle that can connect the USB port of the computer.

2) you will get a CD with the USB dongle. just run the CD and the bluetooth device will be installed.

3) get the setup CD of the Motorola L6.

4) run the CD on the computer. so that the computer recognizes the Motorola L6 handset.

5) most of the time you will get the option to connect to the internet.

6) even If you don't get any message. go to control panel. and the run the wizard to connect to the internet.

7) if u have any further problem contact me at the e-mail "catchalam" on gmail or rediffmail.

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Is there a Twitter desktop application which does not need an Internet connection?

No. It could not connect to twitter without internet.

Can you use Pentium 4 on a desktop?


Connect desktop to laptop Share laptop internet connection?

Question is not proper.

How can we use internet on device?

The range of devices to connect to the internet on is increasing all the time. We used to access the internet on desktop or laptop computers.

How do you connect a wireless cable modem to your laptop if you dont have a desktop?

You do not need to have a desktop to have internet on your laptop. All laptops have wireless adapters, use it.

Remote Desktop allows a user to connect to and use their Windows XP computer from anywhere on the?


What are the benefits to getting an internet card?

By obtaining an internet card for you desktop or laptop, you will be able to connect to the world wide web and surf the internet. You can also get wireless internet cards that give you much more mobility and the ability to connect to the internet almost anywhere.

Do you need anything to connect your laptop to the internet with your desktop?

I dont know jor sure but i think you dont

New desktop computer and live two blocks from a WiFi hotspot what do you have to do to connect to the internet?

That would be considered stealing their internet and that's against the law.

How can you connect a wireless network?

If your using a laptop the chip is built in but if you're using a desktop you need a usb chip. Turn on a network using your internet router and connect.

What is a laptop wifi card and what does it do?

A wifi card gives your computer internet once you insert it so you don't have to connect to anything. And its just an internet service for laptops not for a desktop.

Can you connect your PS3 to your desktop and use the wireless from your PS3 on your desktop?


What is the difference between a desktop and a mainframe?

The desktop computer can act for one or a muti storage of networks with a limit, the mainframe can act as a area for hundreds or thousands of networks to connect to a internet or local intranet.

Is the Intel Pentium III the name of a laptop processor?

The Pentium III was a processor found in many computers, both desktop and laptop, in 1999 and early 2000s.

How do you connect Internet explorer to the Internet?

you need an internet connection. If you are using a desktop computer you will need an ethernet cable use that to plug into your router. If you are using a laptop simply click connect to a network on your bottom right corner of the screen and connect to your network by selecting your ssid and entering your password. If you do not have an internet provider you can look for unsecured wi-fi (will only apply to wireless devices.

Can you connect a camera to a desktop?

Yes, if you have the usb cable, you can connect it.

How do you connect to the internet with a laptop if you have a router?

Your router should have a wireless network. Read the manual for how to enable it and set up a key, then connect to it with your laptop. Or just use a cable like with a desktop.

How do you connect your WiFi laptop to your desktop internet?

Step 1. Unplug ethernet wire from desktop computer. Step 2. Plug the ethernet wire you just removed into your laptop's ethernet port. Step 3. When finished browsing the internet or when portability is desired, disconnect the ethernet cable from laptop and return to the port on the desktop.

Remote desktop allows users to connect to and use their windows xp computer from anywhere on the internet?

yes but generally it works on local network.. for Internet you need some access privilege

How do you connect desktop USB to laptop?

USB means Universal Serival Bus it can connect to a Desktop / Laptop / Server. Thanks, Adamas

Can a desktop computer connect to WiFi?

Almost all Desktop computers are connected to a cable for their internet access. You can however purchase a wireless WiFi adapter which plugs in via a Desktops USB slot for WiFi access.

How do you get WikiAnswers out of your destop?

WikiAnswers is on the internet, therefore, you cannot get WikiAnswers out of your desktop because it isn't on your desktop, but on the internet.

What is Intel Pentium m processor?

The Intel Pentium M is a type of processor that is used in laptops. The M stands for mobile and the Pentium M is designed to use less power and generate less heat than a processor used in a desktop.

Is the Dell Dimension 5100 wireless capable?

The Dell Dimension is a desktop computer and will need a [Dell Specific] wireless card or adapter to connect to the internet.

If you are using a Windows XP laptop to connect wirelessly to a network is there a way of connecting a Vista PC without wireless to the internet through said laptop?

You may be able to establish an Ad-Hoc connection between the Vista Desktop and XP laptop. I've never tried it, therefore google is your best friend. Search "Connect desktop to internet via Laptop)

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