How do I connect my Intel Pentium III desktop to the internet through a Motorola L6?

internet through mobile with GPRS

it is very simple infact.

I will provide you step by step instructions.

1) buy a bluetooth dongle that can connect the USB port of the computer.

2) you will get a CD with the USB dongle. just run the CD and the bluetooth device will be installed.

3) get the setup CD of the Motorola L6.

4) run the CD on the computer. so that the computer recognizes the Motorola L6 handset.

5) most of the time you will get the option to connect to the internet.

6) even If you don't get any message. go to control panel. and the run the wizard to connect to the internet.

7) if u have any further problem contact me at the e-mail "catchalam" on gmail or rediffmail.