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The majority of US states do not have grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of a minor. Minors wishing to learn if they qualify under the laws of the state where they live can research the applicable state statutes or contact the office of the clerk of the circuit or probate court in the city or county of residence.

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Q: How do I contact someone to get emancipated?
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What does a 13 year old have to do to get emancipated?

There are only a few states that allow someone that young to be emancipated. In most you must be at least 16 to be emancipated.

Who would you contact for more information about getting emancipated in Illinois?

A social worker, and in some cases such as abuse, you could contact the cops and request that you take your parent/gaurdian to court to get emancipated.

If emancipated can you date someone 27 years of age?

yes when you are emancipated you are your own person & can date anyone you choose

Can you get emancipated if your parents mistreated you even though you're still in homeschool in California?

If there is abuse or neglect involved, you should contact your local Social Services office or the police. You can become emancipated with a court order; if you do not become emancipated because of the abuse/neglect you will be ordered to live with another family member or someone else appointed by the court.

How old do you have to be to sign a cell phone contact?

18 and have capacity to contract. or be an emancipated minor.

Where would a child go in Alabama to get emancipated?

Contact a lawyer to help you with the legal process. If there is any abuse, contact the police immediately.

In the state of Texas can someone who's 14 get emancipated?

No (too young).

Can a someone in the navy marry an emancipated 17 year old?

Yes, they can.

How do you spell emancipated minor?

That is the correct spelling of the term "emancipated minor" (someone under legal age that is court-afforded the status of an adult).

Can you get emancipated in Minnesota?

Minnesota is one of 15 states without an Emancipation Statute. Which means you will not be able to become emancipated. If you are not safe, contact social services so they can get you to a safe place.

Can Parents get emancipated from child?

No. If the chidren are minors they can be left to adoption but if they are adults you just stop having contact with them.

Can a 16 year old be emancipated in TN?

No they cannot be emancipated. Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute. If there are safety issues, contact the social services department. They will make sure the minor has a safe place to live.

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