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i need to know how to get rid of green water

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Q: How do I get rid of Green water in my pool?
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How do you get rid of really green water in above ground pool?

Green pool water is caused by algae. To remove the algae, bring the pH level of the water to 7.8, scrub the sides and bottom of the pool, shock the water with chlorine, then vacuum up all the dead algae.

Is emptying the pool a better way of getting rid of green water?

I dont know wh did you ask

How do you get rid of iron in pool water?

The use of the metal trap filters helps get rid of iron in the pool water. A product like the Liquid MetalTrap which works with a wide variety of pH will be able to get rid of the iron in the pool water.

How do you get rid of green stuff in your pool?

Buy algaecide and follow the label. You can get it from a pool supply store.

How do you get rid of green water no algie?

Are you sure it's not algae? There are about 1,000 types of green algae. Some types give the pool water a green tinge rather than have a "clump" effect on the walls, etc.

How can you get rid of water in your pool?

The water can be drained outwith a hose.

How do you get rid of the brown sediment in your pool water?

Use a pool vacuum or get a bucket

What color do you have to paint your pool for the water to be green?


How do you get rid of black water in swimming pool?

get hth

Salt water pool green?

Algae buildup will cause a salt water pool to turn green. A clogged filter will allow the algae to buildup in the pool.

Why is the water green going into the pool?

The water isn't green. Sediment sticks to the pool's floor. The water looks green Scoop some of the water in a bowl and you'll see that the water is clean. Get a pool vacuum to get the sediment off the floor. The water will look clear.

How do you fix a green salt water pool?

To fix a green salt water pool, add chlorine. Users can also add algae prevention chemicals to keep the pool from turning green.

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