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Union Fidelity is still very much a company. You can contact 1-800-621-0393 and reach a Customer Service Agent like myself. :) business hours are 8:30 am to 6pm eastern time. if you get stuck in the menu, just hang on the line or press 0 to speak to a rep.

My question was if I was able to pay my premium on line.

my policy was with ExxonMobil before but I decided to go direct.

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above is my question

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Q: How do I go about contacting Union Fidelity Life Insurance company that holds my policy and is there a way to do so online?
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Union Fidelity Life Insurance company. Information below.NAIC: 62596Home Address200 NORTH MARTINGALE ROADSCHAUMBURG, IL 60173Mailing Address500 VIRGINIA DRIVEFORT WASHINGTON, PA 19034Domicile: ILPh: 800-368-7740Type: LifePowers:Accident and Health, Life and AnnuitiesHow i am able to check status? or pay my premium online

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