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How do I install a drive belt on a 1991 dodge 2500?

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โˆ™ 2008-05-19 18:56:28

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First off, there is no such thing as a 1991 2500, perhaps you mean a W-250 (4x4)? Anyway, depending which engine is installed, you first relieve the tension on the tensioner, when you do this make sure that you have fully inserted the 3/8ths square drive breaker bar, or the dedicated tensioner tool that you may purchase at any auto parts store. Hold the tensioner off the belt as you slip the belt from one of the pulleys, then slowly relax the tensioner until you can remove your tool. Then, remove the belt, first notingits proper routing. Most vehicles have a belt routing diagrahm, but if yours is missing, you should first sketch one for yourself, as it's easy to misroute the belt. Once your down to the last pulley, place the tool back on the tensioner and move it over enough to slip the belt back onto the last pulley. It doesn't matter which pulley you save for last, you'll figure out which one is easiest on the engine that your working on.

2008-05-19 18:56:28
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