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How do I install a speedometer cable for a 1989 Ford Festiva?

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2009-01-05 22:45:22

Unscrew the speedo at the gearbox. I've been able to remove the

other end from the back of the instrument cluster without removing

the cluster from the car. Using a torch, find the speedo cable and

follow it to the back of the cluster. Put your "cigarette smoking"

fingers on top of the clip which remains the cale and use your

thumb on the bottom and push up. The cable should unclip from the

cluster. Pull cable through firewall whichever way looks easiest.

To install get anoth person to help you. While one person feed the

cable onto the back of the instrument cluster, get the other person

to turn the inner cable to align the cable into the cluster, cos

the cable is square at both ends. Clip in and screw the other end

into the gearbox. Done. If you are just replacing the inner cable ,

you can can remove the cable at the tranny and pull it out , and

slide the new one right in , less than a 10 min job , just make

sure to lube it well when installing the new one of the old one ,

that is the biggest problem , they get dry and chirp and squeal and

speedo needle jumps .

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