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having trouble with belt tention ?

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Q: How do I install the Idler Pulley and belt on your 1995 Olds Aurora I am not quite sure how the belt fits in all this?
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What is the pulley under the alternator in a 1994 Chevy caprice 5.7L and how hard is it to change?

Are you talking about the "idler pulley"? They are quite simple to change. Loosen the serpentine belt by using a socket on the center of the tensioner pulley, slide the belt off the idler pulley, use a socket to pull the center bolt of the idler pulley and replace the pulley with a new one.

Where is the idler pulley located on a car?

Most idler pulley's are near the top and usually quite easy to get to. Press on the belt somewhere, enough to deflect it a couple inches and watch to see which pully is mounted on a tension spring. That is the idler pulley.

Does a elevator have pulley?

Quite likely it will have several.

How do you change the serpentine belt for a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire?

In order to change the serpentine belt on a 2005 Pontiac sunfire you must first locate the idler pulley. You can do this buy finding the pulley that is attached to a steel arm about 6 inches long. These engines are transverse mounted meaning that you may have a difficult time locating this pulley if you do not know where it is or what it looks like. However if you can recognize the idler pulley you will need a long wrench or breaker bar. I believe the correct size socket or wrench for the pulley is a 15mm. If you are using a wrench position the wrench on the bolt so that the wrench is leaning as far to the front of the car as possible because you will need to push or pull it quite a ways towards the rear of the car to loosen the tension on the belt. Once you have accomplished this you can simply slide the belt off of the most readily accessible pulley and release the idler pulley. After removing the old belt be careful to route the new belt correctly. Incorrectly routing a belt could lead to severe problems. After routing the new belt around all other pulleys, pull the idler pulley back into position and work the belt onto it. This may be difficult as the belt will more than likely have a seemingly tighter fit than the old one. This is because the old one has been stretched out over time.

Is the pulley on the water pump separate?

no its quite the same

How do you Change the serpentine belt on a 1998 Lexus ls 400?

It turned out to be quite simple. The tension pulley is spring loaded. Just put a wrench on the nut of the pulley shaft and you can move the pulley to relieve the tension (do not to loosen the nut) and slip the old belt off. Same procedure to install the new belt. Tension pulley is behind the radiator and a little left of center. Just remove the air intake duct above the radiator. Mine is a '97, but should be similar.

How do you change an idler arm on a 1998 Safari?

The hardest part of changing an idler arm is getting the linkage separated. To do that you will need a ball joint fork and a big hammer. The end of the idler arm has a tapered shaft that is difficult to pull out. Remove the cotter pin, remove the nut, then start pounding the ball joint fork into the area between the idler arm and the tie rod with your big hammer. The tapered shaft is usually so tight that it takes quite a bit of effort to pull it all loose, but it will eventually come out. After you have pounded quite a while the thing will eventually come out, THEN disconnect the rest of the idler arm from he frame of the vehicle. It can be one of the more frustrating jobs related to working on automobiles. This particular vehicle has TWO idler arms, and they usually go bad at the same time. You will probably want to get the alignment checked after replacing the idlers.

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How do you replace oil pump on 22re?

it is quite involved it is behind the engine front crank pulley you need to remove the oil pan and the pulley not to mention the radiator to give you some space to work

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Can you replace the pulley wire in the door panel that controls the window?

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How do you install an AC-alternator belt in a 97 VW Jetta 2.0?

You need a 17mm wrench. All you need to do is rotate the tensioner pulley near the alternator and slide the new belt on. It is quite simple. I have a 1994 jetta 2.0l which I have done lots of work on, too much to list.

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Where is the water pump located on a 1984 Chevy G20 van?

The water pump is behind the pulley of the cooling fan---quite large and heavey

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 2002 Kia Sedona?

Got a loud squealing noise when you start the engine and maybe continuing on even after it has warmed up? Then this is for you. With the engine off of course, reach down to the serpentine belt on the passenger side of the engine and see how much you can twist it with your fingers. If it's 90 degrees or more, then you need to tighten it. Read on. It only takes 5 minutes. The good news is that you can do this just reaching in with the hood open, using a 14mm socket and ratchet. Locate the smooth idler pulley (right in the middle on top). Loosen the bolt in the center of the pulley, then under the pulley, turn the other 14mm bolt clockwise to tighten. Re-tighten the bolt in the center of the pulley. The belt shouldn't be able to be twisted quite 90 degrees with your fingers, when it's tight enough.

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How to stop 98 Tahoe Serpentine Belt from squealing?

First, check that everything is turning properly. If you have a water pump, alternator, idler pulley... whatever, that's not turning freely, it should be repaired or replaced. Next, check the tensioner. One of the idler pulleys will be "spring loaded", meaning that it will hold tension against the belt. If the tensioner spring goes soft you'll need to replace it. Push on a tight section of the belt. It should be quite firm and difficult to deflect. Replacing a tensioner isn't that difficult, just pay attention to the belt routing BEFORE you take it apart. It's easy to get confused later.

What are the function of a pulley?

Pulley is a disc like mechanical component which has groove on its periphery.The shape of groove depends upon the shape of belt which have to be used. these pulley and belt assembly are used in power transmission when the distance of transmission is quite greater and where gear transmission (gear train due to longer distance) can not be used. generally "V" shaped (trapezoidal cross section) belt is prefer to avoid slip between pulley and belt.

How do you install a brake light switch for a 1992 Chevy lumina?

It is quite easy to install the 1992 Chevy Lumina brake light switch. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

Where is the abs sensor on a aurora?

sensor on each wheel, any of which trigger lights and make abs inoperative. must replace hub when sensor fails, quite pricey.

How do you install turn signal switch in 95 Chevy 3500?

It is quite simple to install a new turn signal switch in your 1995 Chevrolet 3500. The turn signal switch simply plugs in and out.

My 1996 Geo Prizm has 3 engine belts and one isn't moving at all-- the one on the bottom under the other 2-- what does this belt do how expensive is it to replace and will there be damage wo it?

You will have to determine what this belt drives, whatever it is it is frozen and will require repair or replacementAnswerOne belt drives the power steering pump and is attached to the water pump pulley. 2nd belt drives the alternator and is also attached to the water pump pulley.3rd belt drives the A/C compressor and is attached to the crankshaft and idler pulley.It sounds like your A/C compressor has seized. If the compressor cannot turn then replacing the belt won't help. If you cannot replace the compressor then you can just remove the belt. The belt itself is only about $10 but a new compressor quite expensive.