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she was chagrined at the fact that she missed her ex boyfriend

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Q: How do I use chagrined in a sentence'?
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Can you use any sentence like this Just heed to you once?

I overheard the chagrined page telling his knight, "I'll just heed to you once more, good Sir."

How can you put chagrin in a sentence?

If you are looking for past tense, "I felt horribly chagrined" would be acceptable. However if you are looking for present tense, "I feel such chagrin" is a good answer. For future tense, " I will feel chagrined" Hope this helps!

How do you use chagrin in a sentence?

The rejection of his proposal chagrined him deeply.Much to my chagrin, it rained on my wedding day.Much to my chagrin, I forgot to bring my water bottle to cheerleading practice and had to use my friend's.You may also use it like this...I felt chagrin as I walked up to the teacher and asked her if she had a dollar.

How do you spell embarased?

The correct spelling of the verb is "to embarrass". EMBARRASSED (adjective) - ashamed or chagrined EMBARRASSMENT (noun) - chagrin, mortification

How do you spell embarressed?

The correct spelling is embarrassed (chagrined, ashamed).

How do you spell imbarest?

The correct spelling is "embarrassed" (chagrined, mortified).

What does chagrined mean?

Chagrin means "to be upset, usually by humiliation, disappointment or failure." If people had a dog's anatomy, chagrin would be walking with one's tail tucked between one's legs. (n.) - dismay or embarrassment caused by disappointment or failure

What is chagrined mean?

Chargrined: really fed up, upset with someone.

What rhymes with skinned?

* Shin * Chin * Bin * Pin * Tin * Win * Swim Ben, bin, den, fin, gin, hen, Ken, Lynn, men, pen, pin, sin, spin, tin, win.Tin, bin, win, chin. Those are a fewfin, kin, been, lynn, sin, in, jin, pin, quinn, tin, vin, winWin, tin, fin.

What is the description of Elizabeth reaction of Charlotte Lucas engagement?

Elizabeth was chagrined when she heard the news about Charlotte's engagement.

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