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Q: How do I use the unsure and destiny in one sentence?
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How do you use unsure and destiny in the same sentence?

Just say " I am unsure if i will have good destiny"

How do you use destiny and unsure in a sentence?

Slaves escaping through the Underground Railroad were unsure of their destiny.

How do you use the word unsure in a sentence?

I am really unsure of the answer to this question and therefore there is only one way to answer - not to answer. I am currently somewhat unsure of how to use this electronic device.

What is a sentence for unsure?

I am currently somewhat unsure of how to use this electronic device.

Use destiny in a sentence?

You have a chance to chart your own destiny.

How you use the word destiny in a sentence?

It was my destiny to help children in third world countries.

How can you use the word choose in a sentence?

'Choose your destiny'

How do you use interpret on a sentence?

The students were unsure of how to interpret the abstract artwork.

How can you use the insurance associate in the sentence?

"The insurance associate was unsure of how to handle the man's insurance after getting into an accident."

How do you use salutation in a sentence?

Many people are unsure of what salutation to use in a letter. Unless you know the person well, it's best to use a formal salutation versus a casual one.

How do you use manifest destiny in a sentence refering to social studies?

Europeans thought is was their manifest destiny, their gift from God, that they occupy all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific

How do you use students' in a sentence?

There were twelve students in the classroom.