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How do you use salutation in a sentence?

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Many people are unsure of what salutation to use in a letter. Unless you know the person well, it's best to use a formal salutation versus a casual one.

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Use the word salutation in a sentence?

When producing a mail-shot to prospective customers, what should be the salutation.

Salutation in a sentence?

I am really salutation to that person, because it could be different ways that person can attract somebody.

Example of sentence with the world salutation?

i start all of my letters with a good salutation like good morning.

What is the format of e mail?

salutation, opening sentence information in details closing sentence name

How can you use the word salutation?

Walmart greeters must give salutation to all who enter the store.

Do you capitalize the first letter of the first sentence after the salutation in a letter?


What punctuation belongs after a business letter salutation?

After the salutation of a business letter, the correct punctuation to use is a colon.

What is a good salutation for a church Foundation Letter?

A good salutation for a church foundation letter would be 'blessings'. You could also use your normal salutation such as 'sincerely yours'.

What is the proper salutation for a Dean?

Dean actually is the proper salutation. One could say: Dean Redmond, would you please sign this form? Alternatively you could just use the Dr. salutation or the Professor salutation if those are appropriate, which they generally are.

What salutation do you use for a pastor and his wife?

The Reverand and Mrs

How do you address a letter to someone that came from their power of attorney?

Use the name of the person who wrote the letter, and write a formal letter. Use the salutation "Dear Mr. ____" or "Dear Mrs. _____" as a salutation.

What is the proper salutation for a retired judge?

His honor or Your honor is the proper salutation for a retired judge. The use of the word judge in title and introductions is not used after retirement.

What is the proper salutation for an official letter?

"Dear" is what people use it nowadays.

What salutation should you use when adressing many doctors?

My dear colleague

How do you use the Colon in grammar?

What is the best usage for the colon in grammar? salutation?

What is the antonym of salutation as in a letter?

what is the antonym of salutation

How do you spell salutation?

Salutation is the correct spelling.

What is the proper capitalization for to whom it may concern?

It depends where in the sentence the phrase is.It is not capitalised in the body of a sentence, as an opening salutation all words should be initially capitalised.

What is the appropriate salutation in French in an email to a female attorney?

The appropriate salutation depends on whether you also are a solicitor in your own country. If you are a female attorney too, then the appropriate salutation is "Chère Consoeur". However most French lawyers use the "Cher Confrère" salutation regardless of the gender of their interlocutor. If you are a man, you can write "Cher Confrère". If you are not an attorney, then the appropriate salutation always is 'Cher Maitre' or simply "Maître".

Should you use Junior or Senior in the salutation of a letter?

Using junior or senior in a salutation letter should only be done if these two words are a part of your name and you use it daily. The same rule goes for who the letter is for.

What punctuation goes after the salutation?

a comma goes after the salutation.

What salutation do you use in a letter to a judge when you don't know there name?

honorable judge

What does salutation mean on a job application?

On many job applications, they use the word "salutation" to ask whether you want to be referred to as "Mr," "Mrs," "Ms," "Dr," "Prof," etc.

What is salutation correct salutation for a doctor who also has Jr behind his name?

Walter J. Smith, Jr., MD. Never use Dr and MD (or PhD) in the same name.

What is the salutation of a letter?

The salutation of a letter is the is at the beginning of the letter.

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