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How do New Yorkers earn their living?

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They work at jobs like everyone else

They also start businesses.

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Who made a living in New York?

celebrities and the 8 million other of us New Yorkers:)

How many new yorkers are bitten by humans per year?

New yorkers are humans.....

How did most colonist earn a living in New Jersey?

how did most colonists earn a living in jersey

What are nicklebokers?

If you mean Knickerbockers, it means New Yorkers. So the New York Knicks are really The New York New Yorkers.

Why do new yorkers move to New Jersey?

Because yorkers were so board of it and because it got old.

What TV series about struggling white New Yorkers was remade as a movie about struggling black New Yorkers?

The Honeymooners

How did people in New York earn there living?

why do we have to do that?

How Do People earn a living in New Mexico?

People in New Mexico can earn a living in a variety of ways. People can farm, teach, or save people.

What transportation do New Yorkers have?


What state is the yorkers in?

new york

What are people from New York called?

New Yorkers

What can you find in the colony of New York?

New Yorkers.

What things are deadly in New York?

New Yorkers

What are people in New York called?

new yorkers!!

How is cattle important to New York?

New Yorkers eat many dead cattle. Some New Yorkers say they couldn't live without doing that.

What is the name of the western half of new york?

Most New Yorkers refer to the western half of New York as "western New York. We New Yorkers are pretty clever and poetic that way.

What people lived in new york colony?

new yorkers

What do they call people from New York?

New Yorkers and Yankees

This movie is about six New Yorkers?

Sidewalks of New York

What are people called who live in New York?

New Yorkers

Are people from New York called new yorkers?


What was the dutch colony rename New York?

New yorkers

How did people earn they living New York?

they got jobs....

What is the nickname for New Yorkers?

Empire Staters

What did early new yorkers eat?


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