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all windup watches work by a mainspring that is wound up really tight, the spring wants to let go as soon as it is wound up tight. as you wind up the mainspring that parts in the watch start to move and the watch starts to keeps time. this is called a balance action. the balance wheel has a hairspring under it that returns the balance wheel to its main position as you wind the mainspring the force of it puts tension on the parts and that is how the windup watch works.

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Why are watches made with the winder on the right?

In the days of manual wind up watches it was so you could wind your watch up without taking it off.

Are there any manufacturers still making mechanical (wind up) watches?

There are plenty of manufacturers who make wind-up watches still, but they are rare and need to be wound about once a day.

Do you wind all pocket watches, or do some now have batteries?

There are watches that wind as well as watches that run on batteries.

How does the wind up torch work?

You wind it.

How have watches changed over time?

you used to have to wind them up and now they use three micro chips

How does a wind up torch work?


Do atomic watches work in puerto rico?

Yes, atomic watches do work in Puerto Rico. Atomic watches are also commonly called radio controlled watches and will work practically anywhere.

Does the wind blow down or up?

The wind can blow in any direction.

Are Rolex watches self winding?

Rolex watches are, indeed, self-winding. A century ago they did make watches that one had to hand wind, however.

How does pendulum work in a wrist watch?

Automatic and kinetic-movement watches do not have pendulums. However, in its place they have a semicircle-shaped rotating weight called a rotor. The rotors in automatic watches will wind the mainspring. Kinetic-movement watches' rotors are connected to a generator that will charge a battery.

What is the example of the elastic energy?

A spring, for example, in watches that are wound up.A spring, for example, in watches that are wound up.A spring, for example, in watches that are wound up.A spring, for example, in watches that are wound up.

What is the difference between automatic watches and manual watches?

A watch's mechanism that is powered by a manual activity such as being wound up by hand or by the movement of the watch. Automatic watches require constant wearing or they need to be placed in a watch winder box to maintain the winding and settings of the automatic watch. A watch winder allows you to own more than one automatic watch and not have to worry about resetting the time on any of them. Manual watches you need to wind, automatic watches wind themselves.

How does a jack in a box work?

You wind the box up and it pops up looking at you.

How does a wind meter work?

by wind a wind meter can't work with out wind

How do wind farms work?

wind farms are built and turbines are put up. As the wind blows it turns the turbines generating electricity.

How do wind up toy submarines work?

They work off the same principle of magnets.

How long do the silicone sports watches batteries last?

stick it up your bum and it will start to work again

Do quartz watches have a battery?

Yes all quartz watches need a battery to work.

What gives a watch energy?

That depends on the watch. In some watches, you wind them, and the energy is stored in a spring. In most modern watches, the energy is stored in a battery.

Do automatic watch winders work on battery powered watches?

Since automatic watch winders are made for automatic watches, they will not work on battery powered watches. The two are not compatible. Battery powered watches are powered by quartz or ion lithium batteries.

How does wind electricity work?

The wind electricity work because of the wind mill, wind mill makes wind energy.

What do the different movements of watches?

The two main categories are mechanical and quartz. Mechanical watches are split into two categories: manual and self-winding (aka automatic watch). Mechanical watches are powered by a wound spring that drives the gears. Automatic watches have a small spinning weight (called a rotor) that helps wind the spring which powers the watch. Manual watches rely on the watchwearer to wind the crown (knobs on a watch). Quartz watches are mostly powered by batteries and use the fast vibration of a quartz crystal to keep time.

How do quartz watches work?

with a magic wand

How do wind panels work?

panels work by the sun or by the wind they get energry from the sun or the wind

How do you wind an antique pocket watch?

Antique pocket watches generally have one of two ways to be wound: 1. A winding stem, similar to a windup wrist watch; 2. A winding key, like older wind up toys.