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On the RH 1998 Grand Marquis Door, 5 screws exist that require removal

1) Pop the door handle screw covers. Remove both screws...on the right is a hook be careful removing the door handle

2) Below the door handle is another screw around them middle of the door. Remove this one.

3) On the right side of the door panel is a screw on the side. Remove this screw

4) At the bottom middle, remove the screw.

5) Unsnap the switch panel for the lock unlock/window rolldown switches. Flip this over. Remove both screws and unhook the wire interface.

6) At this point from the bottom, gently and slowly pull the door panel up about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. Then, pull the panel away from the door.

7) The door panel will still have the wires for the window motor hooked up. Unplug this interface.

8) Now the door panel can be removed and set aside...keep those loose screws them in a bowl or container...remember which screw matches which hole least two different sizes...long and medium.

9) Remove the three outer speaker can leave the speaker cover on. Set the bolts aside.

10 ) reach behind the left part of the speaker frame. This wire should tie into the mirror. You may want to unplug this from the door frame. Once you do, unplug the mirror interaface.

11) At the top left, pull out the plastic plug covering the mirror area. Then take off the plastic careful.

12) Three nuts secure the mirror. Unfasten them..think you need a 7/16 or 9/16 ratchet. Left to loosen.

13) Remove the old mirror.

14) Install the new mirror...and tighten those three nuts to the right.

15) Plug the wiring back in and test the mirror.

16) Continue by reversing the process from step 10 to step 8

17) Step 6 ...achor off of the door lock/unlock stick. Be Gentle...and repeat the step 5-1 in reverse order. Enjoy!

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Q: How do a you replace a PS Mirror on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis?
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