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You just be sincere and honest with your apology and state what it is that you know hurt them. Reassure them that it will not happen again and see to it that it doesnt.

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What should you say if a friend was mean to you?

If they are really your friend, just tell them flat out that they were being rude to you. If they are really your friend, they'll understand and might apologize.

What do you do if your friend gets on your Minecraft profile without your permission?

Talk to him (or her) about it - if you let them know that it is something that you really care about, than a good friend will back down, apologize, and not do it again. Change your password also, or make a new account.

What should you do if you get in a fight with your friend?

The first step is to have a deep conversation with yourself: is he/she really your friend? On most occasions, friends do not get into fights with other friends. Should a fight happen, however, the best thing to do is to apologize immediately. If your friend did nothing wrong, apologizing is definitely the best option. If your friend truly is at fault, then he/she will hopefully apologize. Some people do not apologize and hold grudges for a long time, so it is always best to apologize even if you believe you did nothing wrong. This usually repairs any burned bridges quickly. However, if your friend does not apologize when he/she is clearly at fault, there is a good chance a similar argument will occur. Again, think carefully whether this person is really a friend. True friends do not blame each other and make up.

How do you make your friend apologize to you?

I had a very similar situation. My friend upset some of my other friends and she really didnt understand what she did wrong. So, my friend starting spazzing at her and yelling at her and it really didnt help. The person who was supposed to apologize just defended herself and didnt want to because my friend just ganged up on her like that. Once i told my friend NICELY what she did wrong and how it made me feel, she felt really bad and sincerly apologized. So, dont bombard your friend and start yelling at her or confront her about the situaiton rudely. Just tell her nicely how you feel about the situation and how it hurt you. If she/he is a true friend, she'll/ he'll apologize for what shes/he's done. But, its all about the approach. Just remember, tell her/him how you feel!

How do you apologize to your girlfriend after sleeping with her best friend?

You can't really apologize to your girlfriend after sleeping with her best friend because she's lost trust in you, and her best friend. You shouldn't have done it in the first place. I've experienced this but actually I handled it really well. I made it so that my girlfriend and her best friend made me their enemy, attempting to save their friendship. If you're sleeping around with her best friend and most likely other people, then ask yourself, do you really want to be with the girl you were with? Just think about that next time, if there is a next time.

How do you apologize when you did something wrong to your girlfriend?

you tell her that you are sorry and that you love her and that you are only human Be nice and really suck up.

What do you do when you have a fight over the internet with a really good friend?

You should most likely confront that person physically. If its your fault then apologize sincerly.

Is it bad if your best friend wont call you?

Yes its sometimes bad, but sometimes she really busy. So I think you should just ask her if she's mad at you and if she is mad at you, just apologize . Don't get in a fight for something stupid and ruin your friendship cause their you're best friend.

How do you apologize to your brother if you did something really bad for him?

You should do something out of the world so that he gets so happy and forgets what you did to him. Never make this mistake again

How do you keep your friends?

that's easy. just make sure you never ditch them for anything else .. always remain loyal to them.. and basically stick with them thru think and thin... but if your losing them then do something to make it up to them by doing something that they really like with them or apologize and say you will be a better friend

What should you do if you hurt your best friend?

* The best way to try and resolve hurting your best friend is to go to their home and face them and look them straight in the eye and apologize. Best friends forgive and if they don't then they aren't really your best friend. We are human and therefore we make mistakes and as long as we apologize for that mistake then it should be accepted and we should learn from it.

What are really cool songs to play on the piano?

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri is pretty legit. Also Terrible things by Mayday Parade and Apologize by One Republic are some of my favorites.

If someone is talking and you have to cough really bad but don't want to interrupt when is the appropriate time to cough?

* When someone has a bad cough then human nature takes over and brain sends the message to cough no matter where you are. The only thing you can do is apologize and say something like 'I've got a terrible cold and apologize for this nagging cough.' There are cough drops that you can get or cough syrups that will help remedy the problem.

What is an adjective for a dreaded task?

Awful, odious, terrible, loathsome, or hateful would describe something that you really, really didn't want to do.

What should you do if a friend hates you?

Hate is a very strong word and a true friend never hates their friend. It is more than likely your friend is angry at you for something and you need to communicate. Try talking to your friend and if you did something to anger them then apologize and do not do it again. If your friend refuses to discuss the matter with you then they were never really your true friend in the first place. Individuals makes mistakes in their life and may hurt a friend, but true friends always manage to resolve the problem.

How do you get your friends back?

i personally think what you have to do is be yourself and go apologize to them. Also, if they don't like who you really are inside, then their not your friend, sorry.

You yelled at guy friend Will he ever forgive you?

Depends on so many thing. How old is he? why did you yell at him? maybe he deserved it...if so, you can always apologize for 'yelling' but tell him he really made you mad or really disappointed you and you didn't mean to hurt his feelings. If he is a really good friend he will get over it.

How would you ask lady gaga a question and be sure to get a response?

if you want a response you might have to be a really good friend or something or you must be a friend or not a really good friend (probably)

Pros and cons for magic jack?

Pros: none Cons:everything,terrible,doesn't work,Is really slow. My friend had one. I put had not has

How do you tell a friend you are sorry for talking behind her back?

Go up and apologize. Tell her that it was wrong of you and that you are really sorry and that you know she can't trust you but you really want to rebuild the relationship. That is just a suggestion though.

What if you do something wrong when making out?

If you do something that bothers your partner, you can apologize. In most cases it is really not a big deal, and after apologizing you can simply continue making out. If you have done something that is severely upsetting, you will probably have to stop making out, but that is unlikely.

When you dream a friend is mad at you?

When you dream that a friend is mad at you, you may be worried that the friend really is mad. Or you may have a guilty conscience for something you did.

How do you have good time?

do something you really love to do with your best friend or alone

Hey mom mom is really mad at you what can you do?


Is it bad if you like your best friends boyfriend?

it's not really your fault, sometimes you can't really control how you feel, but if you really care for your friend its best not to let it out or do anything terrible about it like still him away. :)