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The chief executive officer is the primary manager and leader of an organization. He has to possess strong knowledge, and the skill to execute the internal and external activities of an Organization. He is the chief Functionary of the execution of the objectives for which an Organization is constituted for. His function are comprised of Planning, Organizing, leading , and coordinating and enabling to function.

A Chief Executive Officer is a competent Leader endowed with vast knowledge, skill and abilities for a cordial dialogue. He is called to lead the individuals, groups and organizations. He is the architect who knows to tailor the Goal and objectives of his Organization and direct the Plan of action.

For a successful execution of his mission, the key point of his success lies in mutual trust building. Trust is articulated as belief, confidence in the leadership. To build up a healthy relationship with the partners and the whole personnel, mutual trust plays an important role. It is not merely an absence of doubt. But it is a confidence and believing in the capabilities and acceptance of what one commands with the faith that these activities are directed towards success.

It is not important to establish who is right, but it is of primary importance to establish a cordial trust. There's a easy tendency to misunderstand and get frustrated.

How to build up a mutual trust between the partners and the personnel?

1. Beware of your moods and emotions. No one accepts today a grumpy face. One needs to look into the eyes and mutually convince goodwill, goodness and the trust. One cannot release his remote conflict upon those who are not at all concerned with the matter.

2. Have a pleasant and dignified bearing. The noble appearance commands great respect and obedience. One has to be worthy of his office. A person in his discharging of duties cannot fall into familiarity. But must maintain the reserved disposition during the office hours.

3. Be pleasant but maintain the discipline, be demanding but humane and reasonable. Do not demand with coercive authority what is impossible. Correct the fault with a respectful dialogue and offer the alternative or the guidance how to rectify or proceed correctly.

4. Do not overlook the mistake of anyone let nothing escape from the observation and offering feedback.

5. Verify the matter with personal and unobserved manner the complaints. Do not punish anyone before establishing the reality with facts.

6. Consult and ask for alternative solutions with politeness but execute with firmness.

7. Delegate the powers and trust in their execution. But do not hesitate to express the reality with clarity and without fear.

Be humane and learn to others. Do not believe at first hearing. Take your own time while taking a decision. Have friends and consult, get opinions. With the democratic approach if the CEO wins the popularity, then all the collaborators will work with commitment

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Q: How do become a CEO?
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