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AnswerThey are the same. Food and drink do not differ in this respect.
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Q: How do calories in drinks differ from food calories?
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Related questions

What food has calories?

All food except for diet drinks and water have calories.

Which kind of food contains calories?

All food and drinks (except for water) contain calories.

What other factors contribute to the total calorie intake for an athlete?

Drinks as well as food has calories

What foods have no calories?

No calorie foods (well, drinks, really) are water, diet sodas, some powdered juices / drinks, most teas, and some coffees. Foods will almost always have some calories in it. Food with less than 10 calories are ice chips, one cup of lettuce, gum, and some powdered juices / drinks.

What is the difference between zero drinks and diet drinks?

Zero means Zero calories Diet means less calories

Can you eat latte?

Lattes are drinks, and while they do have some calories in them they don't really qualify as a substantial source of food.

How many calories does a person consume on thanksgiving day?

From food, about 3,000 calories on average. Drinks can vary, depending if they consume alcohol, soda, juices, or just water.

What food does not have calories?

All food has calories. If it does not have calories it is not a source of food.

List of calories?

All foods and drinks, except for water, have calories in them.

Celery stalk calorie burn?

It is a myth that any food can "burn" calories. In fact, all foods and drinks (except for water) have caloris in them. A celery stalk has about 6 calories in it.

How many calories in drinks?


How do you get calories?

Drinks and edibles, although you can gain fat calories by starving yourself.

How many calories are in diet tonic water?

Diet drinks usually have no calories in them.

What can calories do?

calories are energy. food contains calories, so when you eat food, the calories within the food power your body.

How many calories in tropical drinks?


How many calories in ensure drinks?


Soft drinks contain empty what?


How many calories are in a bottle of pinot grigio?

about 114 calories as an average of all of the drinks

How many calories are in one food calorie?

I food Calories = 1000 calories

Are food calories reported for the dry weight or for the whole food including the water weight?

Water weight has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the calories in food. Calories reported are the calories in the FOOD. Water HAS NO CALORIES. Get your head on man.

What do you mean by junk food?

It's food that is unhealthy or has low nutritional value and/or high calories or fats. Examples: candy, trans-fat fast foods, sweet drinks, and others.

What does junk food mean?

It's food that is unhealthy or has low nutritional value and/or high calories or fats. Examples: candy, trans-fat fast foods, sweet drinks, and others.

From what specific foods do calories come from?

Calories come from all foods and drinks, except from water.

How many calories in mike's hard drinks light?

There's 100 calories in the light version.

Disadvantages to drinking of soft drinks?

Soft drinks include Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up, and etc. soft drinks have very high levels of sugar. Soft drinks may also include a lot of calories. It is low in nutrition and high in fats, calories, and sugars.