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How do clams catch their prey?

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Clams eat using a filtering process. They draw in water and filter out the water so that only plankton is left.

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What are clams prey?

Clams are prey for many animals including crabs, humans, and snails. Starfish will also eat clams by opening them and dissolving them in their shell inside their bodies.

What is a prey of the octopus?

mostly clams

Who are starfish's prey?

Starfish's prey are mussel's, clams, hermit crabs.

What are sea stars prey?

sea stars prey are clams,oysters and mollusks

How do bison catch there prey?

They are grazers, they do not have to catch prey

What is a river otter's prey?

A river otters prey is clams and other river food.

How often do moose catch their prey?

Moose are not predators, so they do not catch prey ever. Moose are prey animals. Very big hard to catch prey, but still prey.

How does a frog catch his prey?

it catch its prey using the tongue

How often does a kangaroo rat catch its prey?

they do not catch there prey

How do birds catch their prey?

Birds may catch their prey by catch it with their claws

What is sea stars prey?

Starfish mainly prey on clams, oysters, mollusks, and other bivalves.

How do red wolves catch their prey?

Wolves catch their prey by the stalk

How does a black widow catch its prey?

makes a web to catch its prey.

How does a gorilla catch and eat it's prey?

They are herbivores, they do not catch prey.

How do water buffaloes catch their prey?

the dont catch prey, they are herbivores :)

Do eagles catch prey with their talons?

Yes they do catch prey with their talons. They catch rabitts and mice.

What prey uses it tongue to drill holes in clams?


How does sharks catch their prey?

sharks catch there prey by biting of there fins to paralyze its prey so it can not escape

How do cougars catch their prey?

they catch there prey with there jumping skills. teeth,claws

How do goats catch their prey?

Goats do not catch prey. They are herbivores and eat vegetation.

How do panthers catch there prey?

panthers catch their prey by pouncing on them and then ripping them apart.

Do Sea Otters catch their prey?

Yes/ Sea Otters do catch their prey.

Do mammals catch their prey?

Some mammals catch their prey, others are vegetarians.

What is the Starfish prey?

They prey on mussels, clams, oysters, crustaceans, worms, echinoderms, starfish, and sea urchins. death

How do alligators catch their prey?

They ambush their prey

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