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How do compact fluorescent light globes work?

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Compact fluorescent light globes contain argon and Mercury vapor inside their tubes. There is also an integrated ballast that causes an electric current to pass through these vapors, which, in turn, produces light.

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How does the compact fluorescent light globe work?

Ask your science teacher lol

What is a compact fluorescent lamp and how does it work?

The link shown below to Wikipedia explains pretty well how a compact fluorescent lamp works.

Will a condensed fluorescent bulb work as a grow light for garden?

Only if you buy a "full spectrum" of "grow light" type of compact bulb.

How does a compact fluorescent light bulb work?

A fluorescent light bulb contains a gas which produces UV light when it comes in contact with electricity. Contrary to a normal light bulb this does not create any heat and is far more energy efficient.

What is a Compact Fluorescent Lamp or CFL and how does it work?

A compact fluorescent lamp is a miniaturized conventional fluorescent tubepackaged with an integral ballast on a standard light bulb base so it canbe installed into most types of lighting fixture.For more information click on the Related Link and the Related Questions below.

What effects do compact fluorescent bulbs have on computers?

None or a negligible effect. Similarly to incandescent or fluorescent tubes, they light up your work area so you can see what you're doing at the computer.

What is a compact fluorescent PI lamp?

PL mean Plug in - Light Bulb, the most comment application is CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) which require assistance components to make it work or light up, different to incandescent light bulb, it can light up by just itself direct connect to our home electricity ac 100v to ac 240v.

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows will the lamp still work?

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows the lamp will not work.

Do energy saver light bulbs contain mercury?

Yes, all fluorescent lights, including the compact fluorescents contain some amount of mercury. It is a necessary component to make the bulb work and is the reason fluorescent bulbs should not be broken for disposal, but should be sent through a disposal path that bring them to a responsible recycling and disposal organization. Compact fluorescent bulbs, also called energy saver light bulbs, have more mercury than the conventional long fluorescent bulbs, which have been developed in recent years to use less mercury than used to be the case.

Why compact fluorescent bulb doesn't work well in cold weather?

Fluorescent lamps contain a small amount of mercury that must be vaporized to allow current to flow through the lamp and cause it to light up. The colder the lamp, the more mercury is in liquid form and not vapor form, causing a lower light output in the lamp.

Is neon light more similar to an incandescent light or a fluorescent light?

In terms of operation, a neon light is more similar to a fluorescent light since in both, electricity ionizes a gas. Incandescent bulbs work by heating a wire.

How does fluorescent work?

Fluorescent lights glow because of an electric discharge in a glass tube that causes mercury atoms to emit ultraviolet light. The inside of the tube is coated with phosphor, which absorbs the ultraviolet light and then re-emits visible light.

What is the full form of PL in PL lamp?

PL is mean Plug in - Light Bulb, the most comment application is CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) which require assistance components to make it work or light it up, different to incandescent light bulb, it can light up by just itself direct connect to our home electricity ac 100v to ac 240v.

Why can't you dim fluorescent light bulbs?

Some fluorescent lamps (bulbs) can be dimmed, but they must be designed to be dimmable. The ballasts and electronics that drive the bulb have to be designed to work with a dimmer or they will not function properly and may overheat. When dimming fluorescent bulbs, many can't be faded smoothly from full to zero. Some will only go to a minimum like 5-20%. A dimmable compact fluorescent lamp will be labelled as being dimmble and can be connected to an ordinary dimmer. For tubes, the ballast has to be specailly designed to be dimmable.

Can you put a black light bulb in any fluorescent fixture?

Yes a black lamp tube will work in a fluorescent fixture. Guess you don't remember the early 70's.

Will a dimmer work with low energy bulbs?

If you mean a lower wattage incandescent lamp yes, but not with the new compact fluorescent bulbs, as they have a transformer between the incoming power and the lamp.

How do CFLs work?

A compact fluorescent lamp rather than producing light by creating heat (i.e. like an incandescent light source), produces light by exciting mercury vapor inside the bulb's glass envelope. The initial excitation of gas is not enough to produce visible light (at this point it is actually UV light), the light produced is only visible once it passes through the phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb.

How do you wire a 4 bulb fluorescent light on 2 separate switches?

That will only work if there are two ballasts in the unit.

How does a fluorescent light bulb work?

Fluorescent light bulbs have a gas inside of them called mercury. The way that the light bulb works is that it uses electricity to "excite" the mercury atoms. This causes the mercury atoms to give of short wave ultraviolet light. this causes a phosphor which is any substance that can illuminate to fluoresce or emit light.

Why would a compact fluorescent bulb not work in a standard fixture that's not on a dimmer switch and in which an incandescent bulb does work?

If you have another CFB try it in the same position as the one that is not working. It sounds like the CF bulb is defective.

How do plasma globes work?

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Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

form_title= Fluorescent Light Bulbs form_header= Brighten up your home with fluorescent light bulbs! What wattage do you need?*= _ [50] How many bulbs do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Where will the bulbs be used?*= _ [50]

How does 4 tube fluorescent work?

A four tube fluorescent luminaire is just 4 separate fluorescent lamp circuits in one fitting. Look up 'how things work' etc to see a fluorescent lamp circuit.

Would conduction work well in a gas?

Conduction works quite well in the gas inside a fluorescent light tube.

How does the fluorescent light bulb work?

ionized mercury vapor emits UV light.phosphor coating on inside of tube absorbs UV light and emits visible light.visible leaves tube.