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Provided the aquarium conditions are correct and the fish are in breeding condition, once the female is added to his tank or vice versa, the male will start to build a nest on the surface of the tank out of bubbles that he makes. He may well incorporate bits of plant to add strength to the structure. Every now and then he will swim up to the female and flash his fins and try to encourage her to go with him under his nest. Once he has achieved this and the female is with him under the nest he will wrap himself around the females body embracing her. The pair will remain trembling in this embrace for a few seconds. Then the male will gently break away and the fertilised eggs will start to drop towards the bottom of the tank. He will collect these eggs and blow them into the nest. Then the process of embrace, collect etc will continue until the female is spawned out and he drives her off. This is the time to remove her otherwise the male will kill her.

The fighting fish will be funny and active, but what is funny to you is a ritual dance to the males.




the male releases hi sspirm and the female releases her egss and they get to each other and then what ever gender of spirm reaches the egg first is the gender of the fish

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Q: How do fighting fish mate?
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Can female fighting fish mate with another fighting fish?

Of course they can. How else would we have fighting fish.

Can goldfish mate with fighting fish?


Do fighting fish mate all year?

They can mate at any time of the year but only when conditions are exactly right for them to do so.

Why your fighting fish keep blowing bubbles?

When he blow bubbles that mean he is ready to mate so you have to buy 3 female and he will kill two and mate with one

Do fish mate?

yes all fish mate

How does a komodo dragon mate?

They mate by fighting.

Why is the female fighting fish attacking the male?

First of all, male and female fighting fish (bettas) shouldn't be kept together. They are both territorial and agressive. They may be fighting over territory. It may also be that the male is ready to mate and the female isn't.

Do fighting fish fight normal fish?

Fighting fish will fight and KILL non-fighting fish.

Who will win a female fighting fish or a male fighting fish?

a male fighting fish.

How do you mate a reed-fish?

u put a lot of fish in the tank and then they mate

Would fighting fish fight with platys?

No, fighting fish (Bettas) are only interested in fighting with other fighting fish.

Is fighting fish illegal?

Do you mean fish fighting like dog fighting or owing Siamese fighting fish? Both are legal.

What is the scientific name for Japanese fighting fish?

'Japanese fighting fish' 'Chinese fighting fish' 'Siamese fighting fish' and 'Betta' are all names given to the 'Betta splendens'.

How do you mate fish?

To mate fish, you should see how the fish you want to mate, mate. Then you should put them in the same tank and watch them. I'm not an expert so search the web for a more through answer.

Can female fighting fish mate with another female fighting fish?

2 female Bettas can not produce young. I guess it is possible that two females could go through the mating processes but I have never known it to happen with Anabantids of any species.

Is it possible for a gourami to mate with a platy and get pregnant?

no. fish can only mate with fish of the same species. Gouramis mate with gouramis and platys mate with platys.

When is a fish ready to mate?

A female fish is ready to mate when there is a white opening near her vent. Betta fish even have stripes on their stomachs to indicate that they are ready to mate.

What if you put two Siamese fighting fish in a fish bowl?

Your not suppose to mix them or they will fight and one will end up killing the other unless its time for them to mate. You can also get a divider to put in between the fish so they can do no harm

What do Siamese fighting fish do before they mate?

For the most part they are more active, they move around more, and they build a bubble nest.Also the fighting fish circle around each other and the male will show some of his dance moves off and act cool.Fighting fish will circle around each other and one of them (male) will show off his mating call or dance. As well the female fish will do a famous Chinese fighting fsh ritual dance.*i have seen them do this*

Will a fighting fish hurt other fish?

They will hurt their kinds (fighting fish) but will they hurt other types of fish?

Do goldfish eat fighting fish?

no, the fighting fish either attacks the gold fish or ignores it.

Do angelfish blend in with other fish?

Do you mean will they mate with other fish or get along with other fish? They will not mate with other fish, but they will get along without tetras.

Does a male chinease fighting fish eat a female chineas fighting fish?

Fighting Fish do eat each other so, yes

What is the difference between a male and a female fighting fish?

A male fighting fish is WAY better looking than a female fighting fish. :)

Can Siamese fighting fish survive with goldfish in an aquarium?

NO. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the fighting fish are tropical.