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How do fighting fish mate?

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Provided the aquarium conditions are correct and the fish are in

breeding condition, once the female is added to his tank or vice

versa, the male will start to build a nest on the surface of the

tank out of bubbles that he makes. He may well incorporate bits of

plant to add strength to the structure. Every now and then he will

swim up to the female and flash his fins and try to encourage her

to go with him under his nest. Once he has achieved this and the

female is with him under the nest he will wrap himself around the

females body embracing her. The pair will remain trembling in this

embrace for a few seconds. Then the male will gently break away and

the fertilised eggs will start to drop towards the bottom of the

tank. He will collect these eggs and blow them into the nest. Then

the process of embrace, collect etc will continue until the female

is spawned out and he drives her off. This is the time to remove

her otherwise the male will kill her.

The fighting fish will be funny and active, but what is funny to

you is a ritual dance to the males.




the male releases hi sspirm and the female releases her egss and

they get to each other and then what ever gender of spirm reaches

the egg first is the gender of the fish

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