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AnswerYou take him/her to a breeder and they will give you the anwser. Of you find out who is mom and dad are. AnswerI don't think there's really any way you can know for sure, unless you bought your purebred dog 'with papers' from an AKC registered breeder. For mixed breeds, you can ask your vet and he/she will give their best guess, based on your dog's appearance.

If you bought your dog from the breeder, you can ask the breed of the mother, and if they have any idea the breed of the father. Unless the mother is purebred, they're unlikely to know.

AnswerTo find a breed, you can go to a local library or bookstore and check out a book on pet breeds. There you can find pictures that can help you match up your dog even if it is a mixed breed. AnswerAlso check out Its site dedicated to helping people figure your breed


You can get a DNA test to find the breed. I think you get this done at a vet.

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Q: How do find out the breed of your dog?
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How can you find your dog's breed?

ask a vet or dog expert.

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How do you find out the breed of a dog?

You can find out a breed of a dog by asking a expert like someone at a animal shelter. That person will probally be glad to answer any questions you have in mind.

How do you know what kind of dog you have?

Either by searching by breed on or Googling it. There are so many breeds that it may take a while to find. If you have a mix breed, you will have to contact the breeder to find out who the parents of your dog were.

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You found a dog but you dont know what breed he is how can you find out?

There isn't really any way. Maybe the vet can help. Ther arent certain characteristics about each breed of dog.

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